Welcome to MyTrustedTutor.com: Make the Best Of This!

You have chosen “Teaching” either you love Teaching, or passionate about it, or want to supplement income or it could be bread and butter for you.

We at www.MyTrustedTutor.com would like to build a long-term and rewarding relationships for all stakeholders i.e. Tutors, Students or Parents and MyTrustedTutor.com as a platform.

You may have whole lot of questions to understand:

Visit HERE to understand general query. There are certain pre-requites like:

  1. Profile Completion is mandatory 
  2. Credential Verification is mandatory 
  3. Acceptance of Revenue Sharing Structure is mandatory

(To understand SMS/Whatsapp/Call at 9987587591 or email at admin@mytrustedtutor.com)

You will still have questions like:

1. How the process at www.MyTrustedTutor.com works?

Once your Profile gets completed, credential gets verified and you accept the pricing structure.

You will start receiving SMS notifications, Email notifications or you can check from My Account page about the relevant Tuition Enquiry.

If interested for any enquiry SMS/Whatsapp at 9987587591 Tuition Code or email at admin@mytrustedtutor.com, once we receive your Tuition code, your Tutor profile details are shared with Students/Parents and their contact information is shared with you.

You can talk to Students/Parents and can share feedback with us. (Tips: We don’t encourage you to send details through SMS or whatsapp, as MyTrustedTutor.com has already shared Tutor information with Students/Parents. As per our experience 90% of students/parents will not respond to your SMS.)

Please note that all tuition enquiries are shared with Tutor only after Enquiry verification from Students/Parents.

As per policy of MyTrustedTutor.com a single enquiry is shared to only few teachers (i.e. 3 to 5 tutors) initially.

2. How to approach Students/Parents?

First Call between Students/Parents and Teachers is very important and critical, it sets the tone for future engagement.

Teachers should try to understand exact and specific requirements of students/parents i.e. where student is facing problem and why he/she is looking for tutor.

Try to know requirement, locations, and timing/days. There will be questions from students/parents, where do you reside, how long you are teaching, have you taught earlier. What’s your style of teaching, how much do you charge?

Be prepared for all your questions, be clear with all your answers and query, it sounds odd that you are the Tutor, how can Parents/Students ask so much.

Try to understand, it’s the future of student. Infact they are trying to become confident and comfortable and trying to ascertain, whether you are the “Right Tutor” or not

Many a time, it will happen that Student/Parent will not be able to talk, so ask suitable time or drop a message. Many of them will like to meet personally and discuss or directly decide about Demo Class.

So, get prepared for the same. Fix meeting date, after discussing mutual convenience and if you charge for Demo, make it clear beforehand.

3. Should Tuition Fee be communicated in First Call?

There is no right or wrong answer. If you have understood requirements, locations and timings of tuition assignment, you can communicate Tuition Fee.

Discussing Fee without understanding requirements are suicidal, as you don’t know exactly what is their specific requirement. You don’t know how much time and cost will be incurred in travelling.

Try to understand requirement in detail and try to ascertain students parents expectations. If students, parents are convinced, go for Demo/ trial class.

It’s your decision to tell fees now, try to understand student availability too. Don’t commit if you cannot fulfil, else you are going to earn brownie points from MyTrustedTutor.com

Visit again to know answers of all these questions:

  1. How much to charge for Tuition Fees?
  2. How much to charge for Demo class and what topics to cover and duration of demo class?

Do share your experiences with us at admin@mytrustedtutor.com or post in comment

Looking for your feedback!


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