Tutor Revenue Sharing Structure at MyTrustedTutor.com

Money matters- in fact it is the matter which plays the hardball in most situations. MyTrustedTutor.com recognizes the importance and we base our fiscal structure on this basis itself.

Pricing Structure

We don’t charge anything in advance as of now. However, we do operate on an impactful revenue sharing arrangement. It is a free world and we abide by the same rules.

We want you to accept the structure as per your own will and understanding. In case of doubts or clarifications, it is pertinent to clear them and we strive to do that on an immediate basis.

downloadFull believers of clean hands doctrine, we are here to help you out and we expect the same level of honour and commitment from your end.

There have been regrettable incidents of past wherein tutors have failed to adhere to basic code of conduct. In return we have opted to not let that deter us or make us negative: it is easier to ignore a wrong doing than hold a grudge forever.

We will do our best to make the best out of our arrangements and commitments and we would appreciate the same from you. It is a long term relationship after all, one which cannot thrive in negativity and doubt.

Why sharing Feedback is important

It is a trend we have observed: tutors who shared feedback with us meticulously got more assignments and fetched higher levels of tuition conversion.

feedbackFeedbacks are important in business conversations as we can gauge our performance that way. They provide an effective finishing effect.

Some tutors share feedbacks on their personal initiative and we sincerely appreciate their efforts. Needless to say, we share more enquiries with them, too.

It is a part of mutual rewarding process because you make our process fast and efficient. Such efforts also showcase your seriousness and commitment.

We understand that as dedicated professionals, your schedules are busy and such activities (of sharing feedbacks and a couple of other administrative compliances) slip from your head.

This is why we make sure that reminders are sent to you, because we believe in benefits of doubt. Maybe you are confused about the kind of feedback to share. Any feedback is good feedback- sharing is caring, after all.

Let us take an example of a case which is not suiting your skills or timings or efforts. Maybe they are fit for some other teachers who would really appreciate such feedback and work on them.

To err is to human- we try to be as correct as possible in our business requirements but we are open to genuine errors and fallacies, too. This is where your feedback helps us, and ultimately yourself.

What to talk about during first meeting and Demo?

A common question which plagues newbies and beginners is: “I am new to private tuition and don’t know how much to charge?”

To answer that, first ask yourself:

What is your ability and strength?

Does your talent validate you charging high fees?

firstdeserveOf course, no one is stopping you from doing the latter. You are free to do whatever but remember! If you do not deliver it is going to backfire against you. There are no hard and fast rules for setting your limits but your fee should definitely cover the following aspects:

  • Your transport costs
  • Your marketing costs
  • Rewarding your talents and skills
  • Your personal efforts

Since these variables are different for different individuals, the fees are different, too. One thing to remember here is that we have observed that when you charge anything less than Rs. 250/- per session (with 1 session spanning 60 to 90 minutes), your motivation will dissipate sooner or later.

Because we are all humans at the end of the day, ruled by same psychological rules and parameters. You might feel that your skills are not being rewarded correctly and hence, you may give lesser efforts and ultimately give up on the assignment in to-to.

Of course, it follows that we will not let this slide by easily- this is a serious act of non compliance and breach of our code of conduct and we will be forced to put you in a black list.

That translates into us not sending you many articles, sometimes none at all! We really do not want to do that and we definitely believe that you don’t either. Hence, do not do something which affects you negatively in long term.

So we have come to the end of this descriptive guide. We really hope it will help us both grow and prosper and simultaneously mutually benefit from each other.

Come, join us and be a part of an innovative revolution in the domain of teaching.

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  1. Hello there! This post could not be written any better! Looking at this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He continually kept talking about this. I’ll forward this post to him. Fairly certain he’s going to have a good read. I appreciate you for sharing!

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