Summer Camp Activity in South Mumbai

Summer Camp/ Activity in South Mumbai

SC002: Sparkles Educenter Workshop

i-Robokid Workshop:

1st batch: 25th-30th April

2nd Batch: 16th-21st May

(Friday Holiday): Fees Rs 2500

i-machine: 7-9 Years, Time: 2:30-4:30 pm

i-construct: 6-7 Years, Time: 4:30-6:30 pm

Exciting Fun & Learn Workshops by Beyond Academics:

Little Explorers (Age Group 3-5 Years)

  • Week 1: 2nd May-6th May
  • Timing: 11:30-1:30 pm
  • Welcome to Storyland:
  • Interactive story telling & Character enactments
  • New Story everyday
  • Make your storyboards, puppets & other creative fun
  • Focus on right values & Morals
  • Week 2: 9th May-13th May Timing: 11:30-1:30pm
  • The Magical Creatures:
  • Learn about Special Creatures: Butterfly, Frog, Swan & Octopus!
  • Games & Activities to understand their life cycles
  • Book Reading, flipcharts, flashcards, magic shows & more!

Growing Geniuses (Age Group 5-8 Years)

  • Week 1: 2nd May-6th May Timing: 9:30-11:30am
  • Discoveries & Inventions:
  • Introduction to path breaking inventions that changed the world
  • Car, Telephone, Clock, Computers- Stages of Development
  • Create your own exciting models!
  • Week 2: 9th May-13th May Timing: 9:30-11:30 am
  • State Culture:
  • Learn about our distinctive Indian Culture
  • Charasteritics of states- Languages, Cuisine, Dance, Festivals & more
  • “Unity in Diversity” through creative learning & Team building
  • Fees: Rs 1500 for 1 week and Rs 2800 for 2 weeks
Summer Workshop at Wadala
Summer Workshop at Wadala

Handwriting & Calligraphy Workshops with Star Gels:

  • 1st Batch: Days: 18th April- 29th April (12 Sessions)
  • Timings:
  • Handwriting: 4:30-5:30pm
  • Calligraphy: 5:30-6:30 pm
  • Agegroup:
  • Handwriting: 4 Years onward
  • Calligraphy: 10 Years onward
  • Fees: Rs 2800 for each workshop

Art & Craft Workshop:

  • 1st Batch: 25th April- 29th April
  • Age Group: 5-8 Years
  • Timing: 11:00-12:00pm
  • Topics covered:
  • Landscape in Pastels
  • Painting
  • Craft
  • Greeting
  • Mask
  • Fees: Rs 1200
  • Age Group: 8-12 Years
  • Timing: 12:00-1:00 pm
  • Topics covered:
    • Sketching
    • Charcoal
    • Oil Pastels Art Work
    • Canvas Painting
    • Origami
  • Fees: Rs 1500

Rubik’s Cube:

  • 1st Batch: 9th May-20th May
  • 2nd Batch: 23rd May-3rd June
  • Time: 5:15- 6:15pm
  • Fees: 3*3 Cube: Rs 2500 4*4 Cube: Rs 3000
  • Age Group: 8 Years and above

Forensic & Science Adventure

  • 1st Batch: 16th May-20th May
  • 2nd Batch: 30th May-3rd June
  • Crime Scene Detectives: (9-12 Years) Time 10-11am
  • Junior Forensic Investigators: (6-8 Years) Time: 11-12 pm
  • Little Einstein’s adventure: (6-8 Years) Time: 12:30-1:30pm
  • Science Adventure: (9-12 Years) Time: 1:30-2:30pm
  • Fees: Rs 2500 for each workshop

Clay Modelling:

  • 30th April-1st May: Fees Rs 700
  • 5-8 Years
  • Time: 3:00pm-4:30pm
  • 8-11 Years: 4:30-6:30 pm

For more details and Admissions click here or contact 9987587591 or SMS/Whatsapp SC002 


SC006: iMaths Fest and Dino art Camp

Conducted by Ami Rahul

iMaths Fest: Directly focussing to infuse learning process in children to take mathematics beyond more calculations & operations and to produce thinkers, problem solvers and inventors.

Highlight of the camp:

  1. Pictures & Number Sodoku
  2. Picture and Number Sequencing
  3. Algebra, Fractions, Currency
  4. HCF (Highest Common Factor), LCM (Lowest Common Multiple)
  5. Ordinal Numbers, Time/Weight, etc

Age: 3-9 Years

Time: 10:00 am-11:30 am

Venue: Jumping Genius, Ground Floor, Silver Apartments, Behind Ravindra Natya Mandir, Prabhadevi

Dinoart Camp:

An ambient environment to express their thoughts, creatively and to nurture and chennelise their abundantly present latent creativity.

Highlights of the Camp:

  1. Soap Bubble Print
  2. Ice Cube Painting
  3. Scribble Art
  4. Stripping, Weaving
  5. Symmetry 2D & 3D
  6. Landscape, Seascape
  7. Origami, Quilling, Paper Craft,
  8. Stencilling
  9. Folk Art
  10. Texture making, Doodle Art, Greeting Cards, etc.

SC006 iMaths Fest

Story Telling Workshop:

Age Group: 3-5 Years

This Story telling workshop is designed to help participants to become increasingly aware of. And to be able to articulate their own thoughts and feelings. Participants might improve their communication skills, creativity, logic and compassion for others.

There would also be games, Drawings and Craft Making like Puppets and Masks in relation to the story.

  • Highlights of the Program:
  • Listening Skills
  • Group Discussion
  • Conversational Skills
  • Personal Performance

For more details and Admissions click here or contact 9987587591 or SMS/Whatsapp SC006


SC007: Team Up: From ME to WE at Mahalaxmi:

Let’s Work together:

Conducted by: Rackhee Mehta and Pooja Gupta

Age Group: 6-12 Years

Date: 25th-29th April 2016 & 2nd-6th May 2016 (10:00am to 1:00pm)

Venue: Raheja Vivarea, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai

At TeamUp we will be conducting different team-building exercises loaded with fun that will help children learn to work together more easily, communicate more comfortably and trust each other

The skills learned from being a team player are necessary for positive action in everybody life in School, work and community.

Working as a part of team will strengthen your child’s social and emotional ability, help develop their communication skills, and can improve confidence and self-esteem.

  • Listen
  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Positive Attitude
  • Motivation
  • Priortization
  • Perseverance
  • Self-directed
  • Organization
  • Communication
  • Team-work
  • Time Management
  • Adaptable to Change
  • Work Ethics
  • Handle Criticism
  • Resilience
  • Collaboration
  • Empathy
  • Critical Thinking
  • Divergent Thinking

For more details and Admissions click here or contact 9987587591 or SMS/Whatsapp SC007

SC009: IRoboKids Summer Activities at Tardeo

Conducted by Saloni Ajmera

Location: 317 Jaywant Ind Estate , 3rd Floor, 63, Tardeo Road, Mumbai – 34

IRoboKid offers following products for different age group as under:


IRoboKid Summer Camp
IRoboKid Summer Camp

for 6 Years to 7 Years:


This program helps child to learn and build different models of a construction site, amusement park, Airport, etc. IBuilder provides a platform for school going kids to learn different models and experiment with. This helps child to learn functional real world models. There is real fun in learning 3D model.

IEngineer for 7 Years to 9 Years:

IEngineer gives an early exposure to the world of Science and Technology. This helps in developing interest model at an early stage. It can also help child in deciding career choice at later stage of life.

It has been divided into 4 parts i.e. Science, Technology, Creative Development and Math. In Science, kids learn about gravitation force, friction and air resistance.

In Technology, Kids find out how mechanisms can be used to move things and also recognize characteristics of familiar things also learning about mechanical and pneumatic control systems. In Creative Development kids learn to develop different model. In Maths, kids become a problem solver and understand the real application of Maths. They learn about shape and space through practical activities and Fractions, percentages by number of operations.

IProto for 9 Years to 14 Years:

IProto introduces child to the field of S-T-E-M i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Do you want your kid to take career choice in Engineering. You don’t know and your kid also does not know. This program will help child to think in that direction, and may be able to take informed choice later in his/her career.

ICode for 10+ Years:

ICode. You must have heard software Engineer and your kids must have also fascination for the same. What do software engineering, what kind of coding they do. Difficult to explain but easier to experiment. This ICode will help your kid to understand the world of coding.

For more details and Admissions click here or contact 9987587591 or SMS/Whatsapp SC009


Summer Camp in Navi-Mumbai:

SC003: Zenith Counselling and Conversational English Training Centre

Summer Camp English

Speech & Drama Workshop

Date: 4th April to 15th April 2016

Timing: 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Age Group: 7 to 14 Years

Conducted by: Mrs. Arti Bhatia, Counsellor and Language Trainer

Location: Kharghar


  1. Session on Communication skills
  2. Extempore Speech
  3. Mono Acting
  4. Debate Competition
  5. Dialogue Writing/Delivery
  6. Short Skit/Practice Session
  7. Group Activity
  8. Skit Performance

For more details and Admissions click here or contact 9987587591 or SMS/Whatsapp SC003


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