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Finding the Right Fit!

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAO9AAAAJGIyOWFhMjFhLWYyZTgtNDVjMS05OWZhLTRlMGRmOTcyMTQ0YwStudents have a lot to do with our idea and start up. In fact, this initiative is all about their ease and to make their academic lives more productive. 

Finding a reliable tutor is not easy and most of the times, the efforts go down the drain. We aim to solve that fundamental problem by bringing an open platform for tutors to interact with students and vice versa.

We want everyone to find the best fit. 



Hello students!

We hope you are all doing fantastically!

This website is dedicated to you. You put in hard work to compete exams, study better and work on your lives. We aim to make your efforts count more. helps students find options in the category of tutors. Often they have no option and they have to make do with whoever is available.

No more of that now! We want you to opt for the best- what life is good if you do not live it on your terms.

So come, be a part of this revolution.

Sign up on for free and find the best available tutors in your region.

We hope to make the best out of our mutual partnership. We want you to avail the best tailor made services.

The tutors are required to share their qualifications, teaching experience and they need to back their claims by giving us necessary proof. We ensure the authenticity of every claim made by them.

We take frequent feedback from both students, tutors and parents so that we can gauge the requirement of all interested parties.

We are also open to constant improvement and you can always reach out to us at or