Sports Journalism: Carving Your Niche

How and What of Sports Journalism

Reporting about sports might seem like a dream job. Reporters from other beats turn to sports reporting. Sports pages are considered to have among the best writings in a newspaper.

Given an opportunity, those with interest in sports take to sports reporting. Those who have played some game and have a flair for writing can do well as sports journalists. Today, the scope for someone interested in becoming a sports reporter is far greater than about a decade ago.

Good sports reporters must be more than just fans who know the rosters; there is skill, talent and honing of the craft involved.

sports-journalismOne aiming to be a sports journalist must understand the rules of the sports they cover, study the teams, turn around their work on a quick deadline, and ask pertinent questions of coaches and players in often difficult circumstances.

Sports reporting involves going to games or sporting events and venues. You will get to meet and interact with the players or competitors. You would have to conduct interviews, prepare features, and write match reports and reviews.

Perks of being a sports reporter

Free Sporting Events: Yes, you get free invites. As a sports writer, you have the golden chance of being paid to attend the game and write about it.

A Press Pass:It usually comes in the form of a card and can get you a long way. With a press pass you can go anywhere and attend for free.

It Expands Your Networking:  Building contacts help! Become a sports writer and get in touch with your favourite sports star for an interview with ease.

Travel: You get to travel abroad and within your country to cover events.

Dress your choice:If you want to wear a sweatshirt and jeans to work you can, you are free to do so.But sometimes, you may have to dress up somewhat to interview a personality. The best part is nobody really knows how you looked when filing your story, the only thing they know is you wrote it.

Qualities of sports-writer-to-be

  • Should be committed: Because a sport reporting is tough and calls for total commitment. Tough because several aspects have to be covered when a reporter goes to a match.
  • Should have a good knowledge of the game: Because it will reflect in the writings.
  • Should be enterprising: That’s when you will hunt for more and more stories.
  • Should be familiar with the players and surroundings:This is the most important aspect of sports reporting. To know the strengths and weaknesses of individual players and teams is of paramount importance.

Some more tips

When you are starting your career as sports journalists, the first thing is to identify good seasoned writers in different sports and read them regularly.Study how they have presented a match.

Learn to present a match in a systematic manner, so that the reader is not confused. Take him through the match in a proper order.

Finally, be fair in your assessment of performance. Your credibility matters.

Write and keep writing. Hard work and perseverance will pay.Also since we are a cricket crazy population, sports journalists are always on demand. What’s more fascinating than watching your favourite team play, at your favourite stadium, and you covering the event live!

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Arundhati Sarkar

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