Difficulty in Studying Masters Abroad in Humanities Stream

Studying Masters Abroad

Most of the top sought-after Universities for Humanities are in the USA and the UK. While considering applying for any Masters programme in humanities in these countries, the guidelines are very different from those in India. These may also apply for other European and English speaking countries.

A Masters programme is usually more demanding and intensive than an undergraduate course. It requires readiness to take the plunge into intensive study and hard-work.

Most programmes need the applicants to, as King’s College London puts it, “have a definite career path in mind and a strong view of how doing the MA would aid it.” Usually, the statement of purpose (SoP) and writing sample in the application are of most interest to the admissions committee. A few programmes may feel that some promising students do not do well on standardized tests and so pay less attention to GRE scores.

The cost of living may not be easily affordable for many students. Hence, some programmes may offer merit-based partial/full tuition scholarships. It is obvious that Humanities doesn’t get funding from the Government as much as other fields such as Engineering and Medical Sciences.

A major portion of funding for Humanities students comes from academic institutions (fig. 1). So there is a lot of competition for the limited resource. Additionally, international students may not be employable part-time due to visa restrictions.

Besides, Indian high school students are increasingly aware of the various opportunities in Humanities. Surveys have indicated the shift of preference of higher education from traditional fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine to humanities. Though this comes as a welcome change, it only means two words – “more competition”.

These are some elementary reasons why maybe difficult to pursue a Masters in humanities outside India.

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