Find School Tuition Job In Thane

Find School Tuition Job In Thane:

Tutor can access all Open Home Tuition Job for School Section i.e. Std I to Std V, Std VI to Std VIII, Std IX-X and Std XI -XII in Thane, Kalyan and Dombivali area. You can find Tuition job for ICSE, CBSE, Maharashtra State Board and IB/IGCSE Board. To apply for any Tuition Enquiry, you can SMS/Whatsapp Tuition Enquiry No. at 9987587591 or Email at

Please note that Parents prefer to have female tutor for their child for School Section Standard 1st to Standard 5th. Parents prefer to have tutor who are located in their neighborhood. Since, teacher has to come daily so it becomes difficult is she is travelling longer distance.

For e.g. If Tuition Code is “236” and you are interested for this Tuition Enquiry SMS/Whatsapp/Email “236”. This will help us in understanding that you are interested for this Tuition Enquiry.

Tuition Enquiries are only shared with Teachers who have verified credentials.

Thane Zone:

Standard 1st-5th:

Standard 6th-8th:

  1. Tuition Code 1522 Parent Name Sandeep, 7th ICSE English @Thane | Student’s Place

Standard 9th-10th:

Standard 11th-12th:

You can also access Tuition for the following categories:

Home Tuition for School Subjects in Mumbai Area

Home Tuition for School Subjects in Navi Mumbai Area

Tuition for Graduation

Tuition for Online Classes

Tuition Job for Competitive Exams

  1. Tuition Code 1164 student name Sudip Dutta for IBPS @Thane | Tutor’s/Student’s place
  2. Tuition Code 1292 Student name Bhumika for CA-Final First Group @ Thane | Student’s Place/Classes

Tuition assignment for Spoken English

Tuition for Foreign Entrance Exams

Tuition for Indian and Foreign Languages 

Tuition for hobbies

Tuition for Personality Development 

  1. Tuition Code 1290 Parent name Ashok Vashistha for 6th Olympiad Exam Preparation @Kalyan (W) | Classes


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