Starter Kit for New Tutor: Making the Best of

How can a new tutor make use of Starter Kit for

In this post of Starter Kit of new tutor, we are going to discuss what are basic things a tutor profile should contain to get relevant tuition enquiries from this platform of

First of all, we heartily welcome YOU to our esteemed family. We are so glad that you decided to take out time out of your busy schedule to associate with us.

Thank you for trusting us ! We promise to make this experience rewarding and this association a successful one.

As the subject line suggests, this is your primary starter kit as a new Tutor which will guide you in using and understanding the and our system.

Please refer to it for any possible queries as we have designed it to be a self sufficient mechanism to answer any possible confusion. As a new tutor, we want you to be well aware about our complete process. We will keep sharing information so that your experience and journey becomes enriching.

Process at

Step 1: Tutor Profile Completion

Step 2: Tutor Credential Verification

Step 3: Tutor Revenue Sharing System

Let’s Begin:

Step 1: Tutor Profile Completion

At, you have to continuously work on your Tutor Profile and make it attractive to get high visibility. Check whether you have updated following information mentioned below. To Login, visit

  1. Personal Information: Name, Email ID, Mobile Number, Alternate Contacts
  2. Basic Profile : Your Photo, Date of Birth, Address and detailed description about yourself
  3. Standard & Subjects: Include all standards and subjects, which you like to teach. If you miss any subjects, it will not be possible for you to see enquiry and reply to enquiry. So, take out time and fill all your subjects and standards which you would like to teach
  4. Preferred Area: Include all areas and locations where you like to take tuition. Again, all inquiries are based on your area preference. So, this is very important.
  5. Qualification: Update all your qualification i.e. Graduation, Post-Graduation, Diploma and Certificate course
  6. Preferred Time: Time and Days you will be available for Tuition
  7. Fee Structure: How much Fee you are going to charge? We have seen that many of tuition dont get converted because of fee issue. So, please mention fee structure, so that students and parents know it before contacting you.

All these information are highly critical to get relevant Tuition Enquiry, ensure all these details are correct and updated.

You can read more about Profile Completion at “How to Make Tutor Profile Attractive”

Step 2: Tutor Credential Verification

To verify your credentials, submit the following documents through email at or Whatsapp at 9987587591 or upload in your Profile or send in our postal address

  1. Identity proof (It could be your Passport, Aadhar Card, Driving License, PAN Card, etc)
  2. Address proof (Again it could be your Passport, Aadhar Card, Driving License, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, etc)
  3. Educational certificate (Submit Certificate of Graduation, Post-Graduation, Diploma, etc. whatever applicable to you)
You can read details at “How to verify Credential”

Step 3: Tutor Revenue Sharing System

Money matters- in fact it is the matter which plays the hardball in most situations. recognizes the importance and we base our fiscal structure on this basis itself. We operate on an impactful revenue sharing arrangement.

We dont charge anything for Registering and creating your Tutor Profile at, we charge part of Tuition Fee received by successful Tuition (i.e. 20% of First Instalment or 50% of First Month Tuition Fee (if Tuition Fee is charged monthly). Minimum charge for any tuition is Rs 1000

To accept Tutor Revenue Sharing Structure, download Tutor Revenue Sharing Structure Contract and send the signed copy through email at or Whatsapp at 9987587591

Once, you have completed all these 3 steps, Tuition Enquiry Process with become Fast and Smooth.

Come, join us and be a part of an innovative revolution in the domain of teaching.


How to Verify Credentials @

It is mandatory for Tutor to verify credentials at

To verify credentialS you can submit:

  • Identity proof;
  • Address proof; and
  • Educational certificate

facebook-verifiedWhy is verifying credentials important?

Frankly speaking, we know it is a pain to send Identity proof and address proof. You will ask, are you a government organization or at times you will be apprehensive about misuse.

But, on the other side of Table think about those students or parents. Students want to study or parents wants to put their children in secure hands, they don’t want to fall victims to fraudulent means.

You are going to build future for them. Its a small exercise but it shows the level of trust and commitments from your side.

Further we have observed that in 90% of case, genuine teacher never had problem in verifying credentials. It’s just a stepping stone to build high level of trust.

Why do you need educational certificates?

credentials_logoYour reply will be are you schools or providing jobs? No, we aren’t but a genuine person has nothing to hide or conceal.

People need to have full proof knowledge of what they are investing in, it is good market practice and it is just a small measure in order to get reliable clients.

Yes, its a pain to find record of last several years, but sometime its worth doing.

When we receive these documents, it shows that you want to work long term with us and frankly speaking we also like to work with teacher like you.

Hope you understand its a one-time exercise and worth-doing. Sending credential is very easy and convenient. You can do it from any of options mentioned below:

  1. Email us at
  2. Whatsapp at 9987587591
  3. Upload in directly from your Tutor Account
  4. Send through Post/Courier in Office address

Hope you will understand its importance and will soon do it, if you have not done already!

How to make your Tutor Profile attractive @

At, You have to continuously work on your Tutor Profile and make it attractive to get high visibility.

Now you may be wondering, how do I do it?

profile-tips1Login account of and complete your profile or you can email or SMS/ Call/ Whatsapp at 9987587591 to update your profile.

A. Personal Information: Visit your Tutor Profile and check whether you have your updated Email ID, Mobile Number, Alternate Number and Landline Number, City

B. Basic Profile: Upload Photo (high resolution), Date of Birth, Address and About Me ( brief about yourself).

In case, you need any assistance to write about yourself, email us at or Call/SMS/Whatsapp at 9987587591

C: Manage Subject: Its highly important that you should correctly update your preferred Board, Grade/Level and Subjects you teach to get relevant enquiry from

D: Preferred Area: Do select all locations and areas where you want to take tuition. This will help you in getting relevant Tuition enquiries from us.

E: Qualification: Up date all educational qualification starting from Graduation degree, Post-Graduation degree, any Diploma or Certification you have done.

If you don’t find any degree, diploma or certificate in options do write to us at

F: Preferred Time: Correctly update time and days when you are free to take new tuition assignment. This will help in getting relevant tuition requirements.

10-Ways-to-Make-Your-Online-Profile-Look-Attractive-to-Recruiters-1G. Fee Structure: Do mention what fees you charge on a monthly basis or on hourly or on course fee basis.

This provides a tentative idea, as most of the tuition gets stuck due to pricing issues. Correct details will save your precious little time.

G: Upload Documents: You can upload your credentials like photo ID, Address Proof, and Educational Certificates, so that your profile gets verified and you get higher ranking.

H. Testimonial: We will love to read your testimonials and the level of trust you have shown in us.

Once all the above things are updated, it will make your profile complete and will get higher visibility, Ranking and higher Tuition opportunities.

In case you want us to update, write to us at or SMS/Whatsapp/call at 9987587591

Wish you all the Best!!

Welcome to Make the Best Of This!

You have chosen “Teaching” either you love Teaching, or passionate about it, or want to supplement income or it could be bread and butter for you.

We at would like to build a long-term and rewarding relationships for all stakeholders i.e. Tutors, Students or Parents and as a platform.

You may have whole lot of questions to understand:

Visit HERE to understand general query. There are certain pre-requites like:

  1. Profile Completion is mandatory 
  2. Credential Verification is mandatory 
  3. Acceptance of Revenue Sharing Structure is mandatory

(To understand SMS/Whatsapp/Call at 9987587591 or email at

You will still have questions like:

1. How the process at works?

Once your Profile gets completed, credential gets verified and you accept the pricing structure.

You will start receiving SMS notifications, Email notifications or you can check from My Account page about the relevant Tuition Enquiry.

If interested for any enquiry SMS/Whatsapp at 9987587591 Tuition Code or email at, once we receive your Tuition code, your Tutor profile details are shared with Students/Parents and their contact information is shared with you.

You can talk to Students/Parents and can share feedback with us. (Tips: We don’t encourage you to send details through SMS or whatsapp, as has already shared Tutor information with Students/Parents. As per our experience 90% of students/parents will not respond to your SMS.)

Please note that all tuition enquiries are shared with Tutor only after Enquiry verification from Students/Parents.

As per policy of a single enquiry is shared to only few teachers (i.e. 3 to 5 tutors) initially.

2. How to approach Students/Parents?

First Call between Students/Parents and Teachers is very important and critical, it sets the tone for future engagement.

Teachers should try to understand exact and specific requirements of students/parents i.e. where student is facing problem and why he/she is looking for tutor.

Try to know requirement, locations, and timing/days. There will be questions from students/parents, where do you reside, how long you are teaching, have you taught earlier. What’s your style of teaching, how much do you charge?

Be prepared for all your questions, be clear with all your answers and query, it sounds odd that you are the Tutor, how can Parents/Students ask so much.

Try to understand, it’s the future of student. Infact they are trying to become confident and comfortable and trying to ascertain, whether you are the “Right Tutor” or not

Many a time, it will happen that Student/Parent will not be able to talk, so ask suitable time or drop a message. Many of them will like to meet personally and discuss or directly decide about Demo Class.

So, get prepared for the same. Fix meeting date, after discussing mutual convenience and if you charge for Demo, make it clear beforehand.

3. Should Tuition Fee be communicated in First Call?

There is no right or wrong answer. If you have understood requirements, locations and timings of tuition assignment, you can communicate Tuition Fee.

Discussing Fee without understanding requirements are suicidal, as you don’t know exactly what is their specific requirement. You don’t know how much time and cost will be incurred in travelling.

Try to understand requirement in detail and try to ascertain students parents expectations. If students, parents are convinced, go for Demo/ trial class.

It’s your decision to tell fees now, try to understand student availability too. Don’t commit if you cannot fulfil, else you are going to earn brownie points from

Visit again to know answers of all these questions:

  1. How much to charge for Tuition Fees?
  2. How much to charge for Demo class and what topics to cover and duration of demo class?

Do share your experiences with us at or post in comment

Looking for your feedback!

Tutor Tips: What Tuition Fee Should I Quote?

Tutor Tips Segment

This article penned by an insightful author delves into one of the most basic tutor tips, i.e. computation of tuition fees by the tutors. Read on.

This is really an interesting questions and we do encountered with this questions on a regular basis. Many a time, we sound dumb, we sound foolish; but its very important?

Don’t you think so. If you go to Investment Banker, they will call it “Valuation” or “Price Discovery”. Its simply asking why Laptop was being sold at Rs 60,000 10 years back and now it is available at Rs 20,000.

Who ultimately decides the price??

The person who is actually selling the Laptop in above case (or the Teacher who is delivering Tuition in our case) or the person who is buying Laptop in above case (or the students taking Tuition in our case).

Frankly speaking, there is not any honest answer. In economics, we call it Market Forces/ Competition. We will love to hear comment from your side.

Do you (Tutors) influence the Tuition Fee or Parents/Students influence the Tuition Fee. Just tell me, Who dictate the price of Apple Phone? (its costly but still people love it).

Do you have the quality that parents are willing to pay High Tuition Fee? Just think about it and share your insights.

tutor-tips-tuition-feeWhat Price to Quote??

Its really an interesting question, if I quote Tuition Fee of Rs 4,000/ month- Students will react Price is too high and will simply say- “I will think and tell you” (here’s the secret, they will never call you Back); or it may happen- Students find Price is too low- “Will he/she be able to deliver the quality” or they will say “Would like to start”.

In this case, teacher will discover at later stage, that I have quoted too less and its becoming painful to meet students expectation”. Confused!!! we are also confused. Have you ever faced with this situations?? Share with us!

We may not be right, but over the years, what we have observed and experienced, we are simply sharing our thoughts.

Just do few of the homework and I guess, most of the time, you will be right:-

  1. tutor-tips-tuition-feeAsk Friends, Family members, neighbors how much fee they are paying or willing to pay for this kind of tuition??
  2. How much effort i.e. time and resources, you will be putting in for this assignment??
  3. What is the Opportunity Cost? That is if you are not taking this tuition assignment, what you would have done in this spare time.

I guess, if you have answered this questions, you will probably get the answer, What Price to Quote?? (We cannot tell you!!!!)

We would like to hear from your side, about your perspectives, experiences and we are confident that each Teacher must have faced this questions; and even experienced and veterans teachers, still face this question with every new tuition?? Aren’t you?

Freelance Tutors: Why Create a Profile in

Freelance Tutors

Freelance tutors trying to find a comfortable employment and a relevant student audience have various inconveniences associated with their jobs. Marketing of services; commuting to sometimes a far off locality for teaching; and a very slow word-of-mouth means of publicity all add to the ever shortening time available to prepare and teach students.

Not only is time lost, but a considerable amount of energy is lost. As tutors face a time and energy crunch, their teaching quality takes a blow. Thus, the tutor ends up in a vicious cycle where resources are ever-shortening and stress is ever-increasing.

Here is how we come to the rescue!

Tutors registered with us on our online portal enjoy various professional benefits.

Registered tutors need not worry about the marketing of their services any more. After registering with us, we make their profiles more visible online to potential students.

By periodically updating various professional details in their online profile, registered tutors can easily modify what their target audience can see. Profiles can be updated in a matter of seconds.

Thanks to our comfortable online environment, the tutors need not keep wasting any of their precious time for marketing and can focus more on their teaching.

Most tutors, students and their parents prefer classes to be in their own locality. This makes it easier to commute to and fro the class for all the people involved. Parents find it easier to drop and pick up their children while students find it less tiring.

Moreover, the tutors find it less stressful to be in a neighbourhood close to their house. But finding students in the same locality is very difficult. With our innovative strategy, tutors can easily find and interact with potential students in their own locality. This snowballs their student audience and increases their demand in their vicinity.

logotext2From buying books to cars, pickle flavours to travel destinations, we all depend on the reviews of our peers. As peers have already had a direct experience with a product or service, we rely on their comments and include these comments as parameters while proceeding with our decisions.

If reviews of lifeless commercial products are important for our decisions, then it makes sense that several life-changing decisions, such as finding the right tutor for students, also require reviews. We, at, offer a revolutionary tutor reviewing process meant to streamline the decision of choosing the right tutor.

Students can review their tutor through an easy online process on our portal. Students’ reviews of tutors clearly help the tutor’s profile reach the intended audience. It further clarifies many doubts even before any direct interaction.

While word-of-mouth publicity is slow and takes a lot of time, our online student review feature speeds up publicity. The tutor’s credibility is increased in a step by step fashion with every new student taught by him/her.

With all these benefits at hand, hopefully you are convinced that we can help you if you join us.

Come, visit us today at