Best 10 Traits of a Good Teacher: A Patient and Wonderful Mentor

Who is a good teacher?

There are many qualities and attributes associated to the role and personality of a good teacher.

This is not a strict term and encompasses several factors in itself because the awesomeness of a teacher is not restricted entirely to a certain few caps.

quality-of-a-good-teacher-essay-helpFirst, he / she should always be willing to learn and evolve as per different expectations and times.

Learning NEVER stops, even if you are a teacher. One should not get irritated if their mistakes are pointed out or if a student asks a question out of genuine curiosity which they do not know the answer to.

Second, he / she should strive to always5385384_f248 be a good teacher and mentor to their students. Do not be ignorant or think that you are always correct. You are in a position of responsibility. Be the best! ­čÖé

Third, he / she should have reasonably good communication skills. It is very important to make sure that your pupil is completely understanding what you want to convey to them.

Fourth, he / she should be knowledgeable. That really does not translate into being a know it all. What we mean is that you should have adequate knowledge to guide their students to achieve the best possible results.

good-teacher-blog-imageFifth, he / she should use humour in all the right manners. No one likes a grumpy cat, right? This is equally applicable to teachers, too. Learning should be fun, not a drab and boring activity which deters your student from learning at all.

Sixth, he / she should have a positive attitude! It is really important because all your pupils might not be on the same page. Some might be fast and some might be slow learners. You should take into account such a bunch and hence,have a patient and positive attitude.

670px-Be-a-Good-Teacher-Step-4Seventh, he / she should be flexible. Being rigid helps NOONE, not even the most awesome of teachers. It is great to have rules and regulations but life is not lived according to only a few conditions. A lot may happen and you should be open to these changes!

Eighth, he / she should use diverse and interesting methods of teaching. No one likes a teacher who comes and speaks a few things and goes away. A teacher should be friendly and approachable and should use interesting ways to make sure that the end message is received by his students.

bTyE9exjcNinth, he / she should make the students figure out things and instances on their own. Do not serve everything on a silver platter- ease does not equal learning. Make stuff challenging and interesting, this is very important an aspect of being an effective and efficient teacher.

Tenth (LASTLY, PHEW!) he / she should promote independence in their pupils when it comes to learning and absorbing new things. The idea is to make sure that your students learn in the best manner and understand and apply the theories in practical life.


Neeati Narayan

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