Beauty of Teaching: A Selfless and Fulfilling Role

Beauty of Teaching: An Important Role

If you have a strong respect for our sublime religion and benevolent, what could be better way of serving the country than becoming a teacher?

Apart from taking up one of the noblest professions anywhere in the world.

One can help ease the teacher shortage in the country, if you join the world of teaching with utmost enthusiasm and commitment, you can make a great difference to our struggling education system.

stock-vector-beautiful-happy-young-teacher-woman-standing-teaching-in-front-children-raising-hands-up-sitting-in-208629796Often people misunderstood teaching as a profession that requires one to harshly dominate over children, which leads to erosion of one’s basic human goodness.

Some people  think that teaching  something that contradict’s one’s religion is a sin, but teaching anything with good intention is considered a virtuous act.

Imparting knowledge is considered the greatest form of alms –giving. Working with young children is always linked to some sort of conflict, which ultimately leads to stress. But we need to be patient.

Our compassionate government is always concerned about today’s youth. Some people says that future of our country lies in the hands of our youth. The future of our youth lies in the hands of our teacher.Such is the importance of the teacher’s responsibility.

The teaching profession makes an immense contribution to the country’s progress. The teacher has a unique opportunity to serve. I may sound overtly philosophical, but teaching gives one the greatest chance of accumulating spiritual virtues.

The stereotypical mindset of our people is that teaching is a lowly job.This mindset not only discourages our youth to take up the teaching profession, but also diminishes the self-esteem of our teachers across the country.

On the contrary , teaching is considered the most important profession all around the world. This is apparent because more than 100 countries around the world observe the world Teacher’s day on september5.

Furthermore, everything related to teaching is considered important in country. Teachers are important-we observe Teacher’s Day. Primary responsibility is important-we observe National Education Day. Teacher’s primary  focus is important- we observe children’s Day.

However, unmindful of all the sublime attributes teachers are associated with, some of our teachers keep demanding more incentives , rewards and respect. I think teachers have enough incentives and rewards in the significance of the profession itself.

Teachers often have extra responsibilities like  lesson planning and preparing for predictable queries from students.

They demand hardwork and sacrifice of leisure time. But that’s part of the demanding and responsible profession called teaching.

Today, qualifications, aptitude and experience are driving forces in anyone’s career. And the teaching profession offers them all in abundance. Someone has rightly said that teaching once is equal to learning twice .

The more one teaches, the more one learns. For a teacher, everyday is a learning opportunity. This is one of the biggest benefits of being a teacher.

The beauty of teaching today seems to be hidden in the half –hearted performance. One has to work hard to feel the real fun and excitement of it. Only a teacher who teaches with commitment and enthusiasm will experience its real flavour.


Sushma Das

2 thoughts on “Beauty of Teaching: A Selfless and Fulfilling Role

  1. I am totally agreed with you on these words “The teaching profession makes an immense contribution to the country’s progress.”

    You are absolutely right on this if students will learn with right direction only then they will give their output in better ways in future.

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