5 Ways to get Student Feedback to Improve your Teaching

Student Feedback

Penned by Dani Dissosa, this is an important article which relates to the fact that student feedback can help tutors improve their teaching. Read more.

To initiate anything better needs an improvement factor as input.

Such as the teaching evaluation becomes more intense and multifarious, many teachers ignore the valuable information’s that could help them to show improvement in educating their students

Are you looking for an improvement in your teaching?  Everything it’s under your nose.

Then ask veracious questions to your students and ask them to answer with enough time and encouragement. In return you’ll receive overwhelming response of feedbacks that will benefit your teaching career.

Why feedback?

Yes, it’s terrifying. It’s easy for you to assume what students think about your class, how they handle workloads and other activities. Yes, it’s feasibly you well known.

Still, if you’ve never asked them for honest or decent feedback than you’re skipping something.

Moreover, getting feedbacks from students will help you to sense following benefits,

  • When you opt to get a feedback from students, surely at last you’ll catch up teaching attitudes like hope, challenge, and motivation and inspire.
  • Feedback can elicit quite significant powerful information that you have to know.
  • Some students use it as a chance to express their problems they have in classroom.
  • Why not? Even pupils will complain about damage of a drawer/desk issues. You never know what you’re going to get, nevertheless definitely feedback will take you to next level.

Now you think! In what way you can acquire feedbacks from students?

We Mytrustedtutor.com aiming to reiterate your teaching skills to extent, here we have listed out different ways of getting feedbacks from students to improve your teaching.

Group Analysis Feedback

The Group analysis feedbackis a method of collecting anonymous feedback from students about what helps them and what is not in classroom. It’s an excellent way to evaluate student’s response about your teaching. The groups should be united usually at the end of year/semester. So it may help you to reflect on improvement measures during your vacation.

How to process feedback group analysis?

The process goes in this way, first ask your students to form a circle and place an audio recorder to capture the conversation.

Greet you students like “I’m very much proud of what you’ve done and how you’ve improved in this year”. This will create anintegrity and interest towards discussion. (Explain about feedback group analysis)

Then throw your questionsone by one randomly and ask them to express.Some question you can be framed in following model,

  1. What do you like best about this class?
  2. What would you like to change about the class?
  3. What are the teachers’ strengths?
  4. What suggestions do you have to improve the teacher teaching?
  5. Survey feedbacks

If you want to improve yourself in personal way then survey feedback method is best one.

Let’s see, How to do that?

Survey could be done in different mediums using survey forms and through online surveys tools. Conceivably, both types will create a firm to your teaching enhancement. If you ask me a suggestion, then onlinesurveys are best now days. Because students spend their time individually in internet, so it could be a good time for them to read all your questions. Where else in class room there may be a discussion will arise and individual suggestions could not be received.

Ensure that you focus more on students reply, because students may not interest to say certain things in front of peers.

If you’re an e-tutor then online survey is ‘piece of cake’ for you. Even offline tutors can generate online surveys through e-mails.

Now, the objective is how you’re going to set your own survey questionsbased on style, format, etc. We have listed some example survey questions you can use as reference,

Query type

  • Is there anything good you wish to render as encouragement to me?
  • Is there any information you wish I knew about this class and that would make me better teacher?
  • Is there a habit I need to stop on improving my teaching?
  • Is there something you wish that you could have told this semester/year?

Rating type

S.no            1 = Never                    5 = Always
1.      I get clear responses to what I say in class; I find out how to improve. 1 2 3 4 5
2.      The assignments help me in studies; I understand their usage. 1 2 3 4 5
3.      I am conscious on what is expected from me in preparation and participation. 1 2 3 4 5
4.       I feel encouraged to participate in discussions and respond to others. 1 2 3 4 5
5.       I am usually well prepared for class. 1  2 3 4 5
  • What do you think is this teacher greatest strength?
  • What suggestions would you give to improve this teacher teaching?
  • Approximately how many class meetings have you attended so far?

Added always leave some space to write personal opinion as optional. Instead of receiving bulged written feedback, these chunks will make you task easy. Online tools will help you more with instant results. In case you’re doing offline through forms then, have a consideration over right time and situation.

Anonymous feedbacks

You may surprise, how to do with anonymous?  Here exactly I mean about the way you approach your students for feedback.

Let’s see how, always tell your students that they can send or write feedback and put it on your desk anytime they wish. Sometimes students may have emergency things to share with you. So instead of giving them specific a chance, allow them anytime to write you feedback.  In perspective way keep your anonymous notes; there are chances students may express violent in words. Never replicate that to your students, instead learn and understand how to improve yourself.

Anonymous write-ups are one of traditional method that has been followed by most successful teachers. Feel happy whenever you get anonymous feedbacks.

Tune-up feedbacks

The tune-up feedbacks can be used any time if you’re looking instant improvement. One specific thing about tune-up feedback is comparing your questions with a suitable analogy.

Here we have followed a new analogy related to car tune-upkit.

The tune-up feedback should have three questions like this,

  • What’s running good? (What mostly helps you to learn?)
  • Anything needs to be fixed? (What existing system or approach has to be changed?)
  • Kindly write any other comments you’d like to share.

Perhaps, this kind of feedback may attract students; subsequently they will provide true feedbacks about your class.

One Minute opinion

The one minute opinion is a paper-pen type feedback method. You canuse this method to ascertain students capacity level and to know how well they attentive in your class hours.

The process is quite simple: At the end of your class, give last few minutes to write answers for your questions. Now ask them one or two definite questions you want to ask and organize them in any way like. In the following class period respond them back.

Remember, this method will end up within 5 to 10 mins, so decide your questions based on the area you wish to improve.

If you want to know about students grasping knowledge, your questions may generally like,

  • What was the important point in lecture?
  • Summarize three points you understood from today’s topic?

After knowing students answers, you can clarify the student’s difficulties from next class onwards.

If you want to know about student’s interest, then it can be like this,

  • How well these last minutes discussions help you?
  • How much comfortable you’re, in asking questions?
  • How perfect was today class for you?

Summarize all the responses and convey you plans accordingly, then students will find you as approachable teacher.

Why You Must Reflect and Improve

We hope the above mentioned techniques and ways of getting feedback gratified your idea.

As a teacher, you’re the impactful person in the classroom. It’s common that you’ll be receiving variety of feedbacks. May be something relevant or irrelevant to the subject matters, but eventually honest feedbacks will make you laughs and sometimes give you tears too, accept everything as a great teacher. A great teacher never afraid of hard conversations, this practice will help you to go better in teaching career.

Most probably you’ll be in vacation holidays during end of year/semester. If so, then that would be the right time to improve your teaching and lessons. Start preparing your way of feedback mode.

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