Impact of E-Learning on Students

Impact of E-Learning on Students:

When Education is concerned, many people often confuse it with schooling.

Education can be defined as a wise and respectable cultivation of gaining knowledge and learning to be shared with all.

The query that arises here is that when it comes to helping students to learn, the way many schools and lecturers operate is not exactly what call education.

Trying to drill knowledge into the student’s mind based on well-known plans framed by others is not education.

Education is all about advancements in technology with time and being updated according to the requirement along with implementing on social etiquette and demands of the present scenario.

A student would refuse to carry dozens of books on his back due to its unnecessary pain, which can be resolved by learning at school and studying the books at home.

E-learning has become a buzz in the educational field which is catering the requirements of present time learners.

Inducing technologies in classroom sessions have enhanced students interaction and a sense of self-advancement among themselves.

E – Learning is utilizing electronic technologies for educational curriculum beyond the boundaries of traditional classrooms that has gained many interests over the past decade.

Now there is no more need to attend every class to take a lecture; instead, you can access the lectures from your favourite professor online through an internet connection.

Byju’s - the learning app is a perfect example that has more than 5 million installations through mobile phones.

The app provides online video classes along with test papers with one to one mentoring for clarification of doubts any time.

The student can access online videos any time while traveling or at home and understand any concept of any subject.

The forum also provides online NCERT solutions and CBSE syllabus of class 6 to 12 along with competitive exams like GRE, GMAT, CAT, IIT-JEE and AIPMT.

The branches and networks of e-learning vary from learning online, distant education, computerized electronic learning and others that make it appealing to the seekers.

But, how is the future of E-learning?

The current e-learning trends that can be considered as the period of revolution of its components.

1. Gamification - The major notion behind gamification of education is it is more appealing and fun to the general.

According to studies, video games enhance IQ and boost hand-eye coordination.

The student can solve complex problems by taking interest in games through mathematics apps and science projects.

2. Wearable Technologies - Devices like Google glass, V R Headset and educational apps are few of the brainstorming innovations that are highlighted in the e-learning industry.

The student can interact in a multi-dynamic way with the subject. The concepts of technology make the learner immerse in learning with real-time simulation of games.

This kind of virtual reality makes a deluge over conventional system of education.

E – Learning has a lot of benefits that include its economic feasibility, time management along with subjects and assistance.

Educational courses can be expensive, but e-learning is cost efficient and provides free online based certificates, distant education and learning contents.

The course can be opted at a convenient time based on customized options of your choice.

Time management is essential for aspirants with jobs for whom it’s hard to take out separate time to study.

About the Author-

Amit Paliwal

Amit Paliwal believes in the impact of writing along with developing articles, blogs and notifications. According to him, every word is an ornament of every content and language is the most powerful means of knowledge that can only be achieved through effective writing.

Apart from content writing, music, painting and sports are his field of interest.

How to become a Good Blogger for

How to Become a Good Blogger?

Today, we are going to discuss, how to become a good blogger.

Blogging as a career have got bright future for persons of all age. If you are passionate about writing and sharing your experience, blogging is a good platform.

We sincerely hope you had your awesome share of fun this new year. As they say, new year translates into new beginnings and new resolutions.

We are kinda following the same rule here- after all, why mess with the precedents, right?

Anyhow, this is not going to be a drab read. It is a basic know-how of how to execute effective blogging. You are all excellent writers, no one is disputing that. However, it always helps to build on your skill.

shutterstock_80265058Blogging, as a writing form, is vastly different from say, your basic college thesis / article writing or other essays. It has to be:

a. Concise

b. Simple

c. Interesting

d. Engaging

e. NOT drab

The average reader has a limited attention span.

You need to reel them in before they effectively tune you out of their sight and mind. Now, how do you do that?

How does one allure maximum readers? Well there are certain cardinal rules you should essentially live by:

1. For the purpose of blogging at, please try to maintain a minimum length of 1000 words.

Now you must be like, you just told us to be CONCISE! I know, I know.

I am not trying to challenge what I just wrote literally seconds back. Academic articles and guides on exam preparation usually span that length.

We want to build a one stop repository for all students for most of the disciplines.

For this purpose, the articles can be a little chunky BUT presentable.

And we want to maintain a good link building process holistically.

EffectiveMeeting12. Be interactive with your readers when blogging!

Honestly, this is really, really important.

Notice the tone I am using for this article?

It sort of makes you want to read it and not just ignore it, right? (Well I sure hope so! :P)

Some important ways to go about it:

Use active voice and use first person as much as you can.

Personalise the text.

Try to connect with the readers.

Make them associate with and relate to your writing.

Use this article as an example: A Professional Approach to Using LinkedIn

True disclosure: It is an article I have penned down but I am using it as an example because there is nothing close to it currently.

3. Use shorter sentences, guys in blog post!

Please do not go on and on and on.

Understand that the attention span of human brain has drastically reduced – thanks to evolution and technology!

Keep a limit of 15 words per sentence, and that is the higher side!

Opt to be precise rather than being boring and lengthy. You start off on some discussion and end on a different note altogether. That is NOT effective, people!

simplicity-quotes-34. Use simple vocabulary!

It will not assist my intellectual self if you indulge in decorative usage of sentence formations.

Get what I mean?

You probably did not even bother to read that sentence, it was so complex and useless!

Be simple and minimalistic.

There is no need to use flashy words- this is NOT a college project that you need to be marked on.

This is a blogging platform, the readers come from all walks of life. They do not have the time to sit and understand what you are talking about and use that decoding to figure out your actual content.

Do not just write words for the heck of it. Avoid using Shift + F7 on Microsoft Word as much as you can. (We know we all do that!)

5. Please mention US properly wherever you do cite us!

Brand building is important- this is a known fact. So wherever and whenever you want us to mention in your blogs, please do it properly.

Please write the whole website which is and then create a hyper link of itself.

In Microsoft Word, you can do that by pressing CTRL + K. Yes, it is THAT easy.

Once highlighted, the text becomes blue and underlined. That is a job well done, people!

6. Do try to mention whenever possible in Blog

Do not make it sound too desperate or look out of place.

Mention about 1-2 times in the article by connecting it with the theme of the article.

A great way of doing it is, say for example you wrote an article on preparation for …. say, CAT!

You can mention our URL by saying it is a great place to find local tutors who train students for such entrances.

You can earn extra brownie points by researching a little and recommending two good tutors of that particular subject (if applicable) in your write up. This will help us a LOT!

SEO17. Understanding how SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) works

In layman language, we need to make our blog VISIBLE in the internet space.

As we know, it ginormous. Hence, to make our rightful impact, we need to hack our way into limelight.

The best way to go about it is to be as SEO friendly possible as you can!

Now, as an editor, it is my job in the end, but you must try to help me. How do you do that? Simple:

Think of yourself as a savvy Google user (which I am guessing you already are!). You want some tips on TOEFL because you are set to appear for it soon and you want to prepare the best way you can.

Now tell me, what exactly are you going to type on Google? Most of us would type “TOEFL tips” or “TOEFL advice” or “TOEFL India advice” or “TOEFL India student”.

If you have written a super fancy article along the lines of “TOEFL for beginners and how to conquer it“, how is it going to come in the Google search results?

An average user doesn’t proceed beyond Page 1 results and poor SEO would ensure that our poor blog suffers by lagging behind on the TENTH page!

To help combat this situation, before you start writing the article, think about the basic theme you are writing on and think like a Google user.

What are the few choice words you will use if you are looking for an article on the particular subject matter?

It should be AS BASIC AS “toefl tips” and you can use it like “Here is an article which enumerates basic TOEFL tips for beginners” or “We have some TOEFL advice for you!“.

Yeah, it is as simple as that. Just do it 2-3 times and you will get a hang of it.

We require you to find such focus keywords, use them in the article, highlight them wherever you have used them (make it bold) and MENTION the keywords at the bottom of the article.

It is a compulsory aspect of you submitting and us accepting your articles.

8. Be consistent and understand your audience

Do not set very high and unrealistic targets. You are only human and it is all good. Be consistent, regular and do not fluctuate a lot in terms of writing style.

That is all. I really hope this article is well absorbed by all the brilliant bloggers with immediate effect.

See, we love your work but there is always room for improvement.

If you dont follow guidelines of Good Blogger tips, it will be difficult at accept articles.

If your submitted articles are not according to the above-mentioned guidelines, we will have no other option but to reject the submission however awesome it is.



The Art of Blogging: Becoming a Successful Blogger

Thinking about writing a blog? Well, Blogs are one of the fastest-growing means of mass communication. There are many tips to become a successful blogger!

They are cool and interesting to read, and writing them can be enjoyable, too. Read on to know more about blogging.

  1. Find your focus:

The first task is to know who are your target readers?

What do they want to know about?

What will resonate with them?

For instance, if your readers are aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their own business, you might want to give them information about their approach to social media from a more casual, personal one to a more business-savvy, networking-focused approach.

2. Start with a topic and working title:

You need to pick a topic for your blog post, before you even write anything. The topic can be based on your need.

For example, if you’re an author, you might start out thinking you want to write about the craft of writing a novel.

Then you might come up with a few different working titles.

Even though your working title may not end up being the final title, it still provides enough information so you can focus your blog post on something more specific.9859056474_b4c5c7565f_o

  1. Write an intro (and make it interesting): Your introduction needs to be captivating. First need is to grab the reader’s attention. If you lose the reader in the first few paragraphs, they will stop reading. This can be done in a number of ways. You can try telling stories, be empathetic, or try and grip your reader with an interesting fact.
  2. Organize your content: Sometimes, blog posts can have an overwhelming amount of information. The writer/blogger needs to organize the info in a manner, that the reader is not confused or lost.

The organization can take multiple forms. You can try and use sections, lists, tips, whatever’s most appropriate. So, you could first make an outline of your post.

That way, before you start writing, you know which points you want to cover, and then put them in sequence.

3. Write! The next step is writing! What can obvious thing, isn’t it? Well, yes, now that you have your outline, you can fill in with your content.

Your outline will be your guide. Remember; always write about what you already know. The next step is, research.

You could do additional research to gather more information. If you are thinking how long the post should be, don’t worry! But do not stretch it.

4. Edit your post: Well, the editing process is an important part of blogging. Proofread your post diligently.

5. Images: Choose a visually appealing and relevant image. Visuals are important for the success of your blog content.

The visual appearance matters. Check formatting. Consistency makes your content look professional.

6. Tags: Use tags that are specific, and that will describe your post.

7. Optimize for on-page SEO: After you finish writing, optimize your post for search. If you can make your URL shorter and more keyword-friendly, do it.

8. Page Title and Headers: Most blogging software uses your post title as your page title. Don’t try to fit keywords where they don’t naturally belong. Also, try to keep your headlines short.

9. Respond to blog comments: This is an opportunity to connect directly with the people who are reading your blog. A “Thanks for reading my blog” comment also helps!

10. Post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media platforms you are present in: Use social media to boost your post. Make sure, if link your blog with social media platforms. 

If you want to blog for, you can read guidelines for Blogging at and can start writing for us.

Happy Blogging!

Contributed by: Arundhati Sarkar

Starter Kit for New Tutor: Making the Best of

How can a new tutor make use of Starter Kit for

In this post of Starter Kit of new tutor, we are going to discuss what are basic things a tutor profile should contain to get relevant tuition enquiries from this platform of

First of all, we heartily welcome YOU to our esteemed family. We are so glad that you decided to take out time out of your busy schedule to associate with us.

Thank you for trusting us ! We promise to make this experience rewarding and this association a successful one.

As the subject line suggests, this is your primary starter kit as a new Tutor which will guide you in using and understanding the and our system.

Please refer to it for any possible queries as we have designed it to be a self sufficient mechanism to answer any possible confusion. As a new tutor, we want you to be well aware about our complete process. We will keep sharing information so that your experience and journey becomes enriching.

Process at

Step 1: Tutor Profile Completion

Step 2: Tutor Credential Verification

Step 3: Tutor Revenue Sharing System

Let’s Begin:

Step 1: Tutor Profile Completion

At, you have to continuously work on your Tutor Profile and make it attractive to get high visibility. Check whether you have updated following information mentioned below. To Login, visit

  1. Personal Information: Name, Email ID, Mobile Number, Alternate Contacts
  2. Basic Profile : Your Photo, Date of Birth, Address and detailed description about yourself
  3. Standard & Subjects: Include all standards and subjects, which you like to teach. If you miss any subjects, it will not be possible for you to see enquiry and reply to enquiry. So, take out time and fill all your subjects and standards which you would like to teach
  4. Preferred Area: Include all areas and locations where you like to take tuition. Again, all inquiries are based on your area preference. So, this is very important.
  5. Qualification: Update all your qualification i.e. Graduation, Post-Graduation, Diploma and Certificate course
  6. Preferred Time: Time and Days you will be available for Tuition
  7. Fee Structure: How much Fee you are going to charge? We have seen that many of tuition dont get converted because of fee issue. So, please mention fee structure, so that students and parents know it before contacting you.

All these information are highly critical to get relevant Tuition Enquiry, ensure all these details are correct and updated.

You can read more about Profile Completion at “How to Make Tutor Profile Attractive”

Step 2: Tutor Credential Verification

To verify your credentials, submit the following documents through email at or Whatsapp at 9987587591 or upload in your Profile or send in our postal address

  1. Identity proof (It could be your Passport, Aadhar Card, Driving License, PAN Card, etc)
  2. Address proof (Again it could be your Passport, Aadhar Card, Driving License, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, etc)
  3. Educational certificate (Submit Certificate of Graduation, Post-Graduation, Diploma, etc. whatever applicable to you)
You can read details at “How to verify Credential”

Step 3: Tutor Revenue Sharing System

Money matters- in fact it is the matter which plays the hardball in most situations. recognizes the importance and we base our fiscal structure on this basis itself. We operate on an impactful revenue sharing arrangement.

We dont charge anything for Registering and creating your Tutor Profile at, we charge part of Tuition Fee received by successful Tuition (i.e. 20% of First Instalment or 50% of First Month Tuition Fee (if Tuition Fee is charged monthly). Minimum charge for any tuition is Rs 1000

To accept Tutor Revenue Sharing Structure, download Tutor Revenue Sharing Structure Contract and send the signed copy through email at or Whatsapp at 9987587591

Once, you have completed all these 3 steps, Tuition Enquiry Process with become Fast and Smooth.

Come, join us and be a part of an innovative revolution in the domain of teaching.



We’re Hiring!

About Us

We are a marketplace for Schools, Teachers, Parents/Students/Learners, Private Tutors. We help our users connect fast, expand further and find better thru our website

We are a startup and we strongly believe people make or break a business. We, hence, are looking for people :

Who believe in our Vision, Values & Mission and are dedicated to making it a reality.

Who don’t just love what they do, they love WHY they’re doing it.

Who want to work not just to kill time but to learn & grow as well.

Who can imagine long term benefits.

Current Openings :

Laravel Developer

Nature of the Job

  • Full Time
    • 5 days a week

What will you be required to do

  • Write well-designed, testable, efficient code by using best software development practices
  • Experience in design and systems architecture and can write efficient, testable, and reusable code
  • Translate UI/UX wireframes and mock-ups into high quality fully functional pages and applications built to be responsive and supported across a wide range of devices.

We are looking for people  who

  • Have excellent coding & logical skills
  • Have excellent analytical skills
  • Are experienced with Github
  • Can work independently as well as with creative, engineering and third party teams to continue evolving the overall look and feel of the site, providing direction around UX/UI trends and best practices.
  • Stay plugged into emerging technologies/industry trends and apply them into operations and activities
  • Have proven ability to manage multiple projects, meet deadlines and be a self-starter
  • Have ability to research independently, both through online references and through own testing
  • Are committed to meet deadlines and deliver above expectations
  • Are on time and communicate promptly
  • Can solve problems and design algorithms.
  • Can learn quickly and can collaborate to find the best solutions and elegant approaches at a fast pace.
  • Are constantly adding new features to our product.
  • Can think on his/her feet


  • Bachelor’s or Masters’ Degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering
  • Backend: PHP, Laravel Framework 5, MySQL, AWS, Messaging Queues, Unit Tests
  • Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, Gulp, Material Design, Javascript, AJAX, AngularJS 4, Bootstrap 4


Quick Recap

  • PHP Laravel 5.2, MYSQL
  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
  • Excellent coding & logical skills
  • Problem solver
  • Has the ability to research independently, both through online references and through own testing
  • 8 hours a day
  • 6 days a week

Executive Assistant

Nature of the Job

  • Full Time
    • 6 days a week

What will you be required to do :

  • Private Tuition
    • Manage tuition leads & students
    • Manage tutors & their inquiries
    • Manage student & their inquiries
    • Keep up follow up with both students & tutors
    • Maintain a record of daily activities
    • Follow Quick Reference Guides (QRG)
    • Build New QRG
    • Build Training Manuals
    • Can see Pattern & Analyse.
  • School Teaching Jobs
    • Manage School Teaching Jobs & Teachers
    • Manage Schools & their inquiries
    • Manage Teachers & their inquiries
    • Keep up follow up with both schools & teachers
    • Maintain a record of daily activities
    • Follow Quick Reference Guides (QRG)
    • Build New QRG
    • Build Training Manuals
    • Can see pattern & analyse

We are looking for people who

  • Can learn fast & adapt fast
  • Are full of energy & positivity
  • Are fluent in spoken English & Hindi
  • Are patient listeners
  • Like challenge
  • Are result-oriented
  • Can think on his/her feet
  • Are temperamentally sound
  • Are on time and communicate promptly
  • Are committed to meet deadlines and deliver above expectations


  • Graduate (Any stream)

Quick Recap

  • Manage Private Tuition lifecycle
  • Manage School Teaching Jobs lifecycle
  • Active & Energetic personality
  • Temperamentally sound
  • 8 hours a day
  • 6 days a week



Nature of the Job

  • Part-time (DO NOT apply if you don’t agree with below)
    • At least 3 hours Everyday
    • At least 3 months

What will you be required to do

  • Call people
  • Take down notes
  • Pass feedback and notes
  • Give & seek advice
  • Act on advice

We are looking for people who

  • Can learn fast & adapt fast
  • Are full of energy & positivity
  • Are fluent in spoken English & Hindi
  • Are patient listeners
  • Likes challenge
  • Are result-oriented
  • Can think on his/her feet
  • Are temperamentally sound
  • Are on time and communicate promptly
  • Are committed to meet deadlines and deliver above expectations


  • Graduate (Any stream)


Quick Recap

  • Call people
  • Take notes
  • Active & Energetic
  • Temperamentally sound
  • At least 3 hours a day
  • 3 to 6 months

Clicking the “APPLY” button below will take you to a Google Form. Please fill out the necessary information. Thank you!