Techniques to Become a Successful Online Tutor

Online Tutors: A Glance

Have you ever dreamed about becoming a tutor through online platform?

Online tutors or E-tutors are supportive pillars of internet education ever, if you have a desire or passion on sharing knowledge; probably you’re a good tutor then.

Becoming a tutor is an ideal way to round about revolution among students. These days the weightage for class room learning and internet learning are getting equal in some way.

So this is the right time for every tutor to stick them with e-learning platform either to teach or to find students. Whatever may be your choice, but to handle professional linkages over internet some qualities and information are recommended for a good start.

adaptability (1)Indeed the online tutoring industry is growing well in India and so we invite you to explore the qualities of a tutor via online and ways to implement that.

If you’re running a private tuition or thinking to start the same, then scroll down to below article to updated with complete online tutoring.

Qualities that a tutor should possess

A good tutor has to be inspiring role model to the students and apart from teaching they are expected to fulfill their professional goals and ethics. Lets’ look at how qualities play in this part.


Self-ConfidenceSelf-confidence is a vital attitude that every tutor should have, because some time you’ll be in position to solve difficulties of students. Always be believed in your service and strengths.

Then be peculiar to get your potential students and in convincing clients effectively. 


Be sure that nothing pulls your students to give up. Usually for new tutors it may be difficult to handle kids, because some kids may test you. So develop a hope on them where you can work on easily.

Plan what that works and what does not, later students will enjoy on your work and this will help you to elevate the tutoring sessions to next level. 


Patience gives you the capability to handle trouble on students and of course individual student will grasp a certain amount of patience. Inherently patience brings you back from work environmental fender-benders and fair concentration on tutoring. Some students easily get frustrated so showing patience emulates them. 


One interesting thing about teaching is being more resourceful to enrich knowledge, usually online portals gives many resources.

To make tutoring decisive tutors should be deepened in concepts through documentaries, photos, videos and other material that students don’t get easily.

Using this resources tutor has to develop speaking and listening skills among younger students by competing with their knowledge. It may be easy to feel unsatisfied so take a breath and concentrate on tutoring. 


Standardize yourself by being professional in your way. In reality professionalism means both mental and physical characteristics of a tutor.

Show your quality that students want to see from you. Since tutors are the standards of students –parent’s relationship, it is important to manage timings, schedule etc. 

AdaptabilityIn concern with adaptability a tutor can experience overwhelming flexibility to follow own schedules and plans.

Either it’s online or offline platform in both ways adaptability gives comfortable mood to the students while handling multiple sessions. 

Tutoring Tips

The tutoring is a complete solution to the students in all circumstances and thereby a tutor has responsibility in designing every student’s future in their own creativity. As a tutor brand yourself more with below tips,

  • Build the students with confidence and behavioral sense.

  • Provide them quality core knowledge and other study skills.

  • Play a transitive role in between students and parents queries.

  • Approach the sessions with innovative methods that does not allow students to get frustrated soon.

Cutting-edge Internet platforms are best suitable way for teachers to start their own tutoring. Simply tutors are expected to have good skills in IT operations and a basic knowledge about Internet.

Also tutors need to be good in communicating with both students and parents through e-mails, social networks and telephones. At the present time many online portals are seeking for young ones with subject knowledge and enthusiasm.

All of these qualities are possible strengths of tutoring career path. So no more waiting then, soon register with as a tutor and get upgraded with newfangled teaching profession.

Dani Disossa, a freelance writer at

How Does One Improve Vocabulary Skill

Start Easy: How To Improve Vocabulary

Remember the situation when you are giving a speech and you suddenly miss the perfect word and you try to stall it with ‘umm’ or ‘uh’?

Well it happens to most of us.

This happens because we lack the stock of alternative words.

Such “uh’s” and “umm’s” are like the empty calories which fill our stomach but are of no use, i.e., they fill up the sentence but does not add any power to your speech.

Well we can remove these useless words by stocking our cupboard with varied and a large selection of healthier vocabularies.

Well, for practical reasons, the usefulness of a huge selection of words does not have a limit. But some can be mentioned here.

  • It helps you to express what your true feelings – Take for example, if The Great Wall Of China, The Eiffel Tower and The Taj Mahal are all awesome to you, then how you will be able to differentiate them.

They seem to be the same if you always you the same adjective to describe them. It’s like it’s always 11’o clock for you.

Neither a 10’o clock nor 12’o clock. So, it’s better to use synonyms like breathtaking, splendid, incredible, and spectacular or even out of this world to give your speech more depth and the crowd will be more interested.

  • Helps you understand what you read – A huge stock of vocabulary not only helps you to express yourself but it also helps to have a better understanding of what you read.

While reading a book or an article, if you come across an unfamiliar word, you tend to skip it and which prevents you from reaching you to a complete conclusion. Thus it hinders your understanding of the piece. 

  • Helps you in grasping ideas and analyze them radically and judiciously – We are taught that our thoughts give shape to the words we speak but actually it’s just opposite.

hqdefaultThe stock of words we have gives shape to our thoughts. Imagine a person trying to carve a sculpture. His sculpture will be better he has more tools, for broad cuts and narrow cuts, and other fine things.

In the same way, huge set of vocabularies mean that he will be better at giving shape to his thoughts.

  • Boosts your ability to influence – It’s a difficult job getting people to understand your point of view. To make them understand what you want to say and convince them.

For that, you need to understand the fact inside and out and also describe them in an appealing way. If you use the same words all the time, like ‘cool’, your audience will lose interest and will soon start glazing away.

  • Helps you to build a good impression on others – People always tend to judge people by their way interacting with others, their manners, their etiquettes and their speech.

vocabularyHow you present yourself and the speech you use takes a big toll on your impression over others. A professor will unconsciously use big words even in small conversations while a construction worker won’t be able to gather big terms.

The terms one uses helps people judge your background, your socio-economic status, your education and your occupation. 

So, vocabulary is a must thing in today’s world and building it is not a huge task. Anybody can do it and can start anytime.

Arunangshu Sarkar


How to Write Correct Spellings

How to spell correctly  

We might be fluent with our spoken English but this may not be the case when we are told to jot things down.

This gap between speaking and writing the same text is arising due to the speed of work we are getting accustomed to.

The invention of various messaging apps have led us to write words in their abbreviated forms, and if there are no available abbreviations we create our own just to hurry things up.

Things get messed up when we are told to write a subjective exam or give a presentation. gives you some tips to follow and remember the spellings of easy and difficult words.

how-to-speak-good-english-02-232x300Stick notes:

Write one spelling on a sticky note and create 10 such notes and stick them at various places in your house where you can easily notice them throughout the day.

For example- your mirror, fridge, television remote, the wall in front of your toilet seat and so on.

 Keep changing this set of words week after week. This will help you learn ten new words every week.

You may also write their meanings along so that you get the context in which the word can be used.


Read as much English as you can throughout the day- newspapers, text books, novels, magazines are good as well as reliable sources in terms of correct usage of words.

This way you will learn with the visual technique. Also you may mark difficult words and use them in the sticky notes activity.

spell2Do not depend on the spell check tools

These tools are helpful only till the time you are typing on an electronic device.

They provide you with options as you type a similar word. However, such a tool makes you a handicapped when it comes to writing something on your own in an examination or during a presentation.

Learn and write

Never lose the habit of writing while learning. This helps you to learn spellings as well present an answer on a sheet during exam time.

The neater you write the more you score. You can also indulge in the practice of dictations.

AccComm-English-Language-english-language-3156806-580-441Know the correct pronunciation

Wrong pronunciation can lead to a great confusion while writing. Most people speak the same way a word looks like and even try to insert their dialects into it.

You can take help from the internet or English television channels to improve on the pronunciation part.

Now to spell the word correctly break it into parts and learn. For eg: Wednesday is pronounced as wensday but is written differently. So learn it as wed-nes-day.

Create your own dictionary

While keeping a dictionary is always recommended , we encourage you to create a word bank of your own. In an excel file use 26 sheets each labeled from A TO Z .

SpellRite-1Now enter the words that you come across at different places and situations or during the above activities with their context and literal as well as general meaning.

Fill few words daily and a day will come when you will have a dictionary of your own in a soft copy that you can refer to any time when you need.

This activity will also boost your confidence level.

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Importance of Entrepreneurship Education

Importance of entrepreneurship education at grass root levels

What Globalization has done is brought to the forefront a new class of pioneering businessmen who know how to capitalize on the available freedom in market despite growing economic imperialism.

This class has institutionalized the system of business start ups. A closer look will interestingly reveal that this class has mixed roots.

While some have broken free from academics and developed what is known as ‘divergent thinking’ on their own accord, others have learnt the same via school and college curriculum.

The argument over the need for a business oriented education has been one that has given rise to varied and strong opinions on both sides. The subject has also inspired widespread research.

420entrepreneur-420x0The hype obviously is around those who made phenomenal success stories without a formal academia.

Arguments bases on such entrepreneurs cannot be negated either for they have names such as Bill Gates (Microsoft), Larry Page (Google), Michael Dell (Dell), David Geffen (Geffen Records), Steve Jobs (Apple), Richard Branson (Virgin), Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren), Jerry Yang (Yahoo) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook).

This line of entrepreneurs believe that innovation is a result of practical experience which will raise ones awareness of the business world and thus create a tendency to think ‘out of the box’.

Entrepreneurship, they say, is an innate talent. One either has it or doesn’t and method teaching will do nothing to improve this.

The years spent at a business school could be used to nurture one’s on-field expertise and strategy building based on the means at hand to create a self-sustaining platform capable of growth in ever changing situations.

entrepreneur (1)Not to mention the rising cost of education. An MBA degree would cost lakhs, money that would serve well as investment for a start up. Thus time and money are both at stake and by the look of it at loss.

From the businessman’s point of view education wouldn’t be a very profitable investment.

Of course these arguments make a poor show of the importance of academics but one lesson of globalization is that everything can be taught and learnt provided the resources and information.

CLP-brain-vector-shutter-stockExperiences can be shared and mistakes can be studied to avoid them. In a world economy as risky as today not only do entrepreneurs need to be risk-embracing, they have to be thoroughly equipped with market research, business planning and negotiation technique.

Attending a good course will allow the young entrepreneur in making to study the history of business and its makers. The student will then live through past experiences as case studies and learn by analyzing faults rather than by repeating mistakes.

Organizational behavior, decision making and problem solving is the core to any business study program. Thus a proper degree will give the student the benefit of knowledge.

Not to mention the years of relationship building that could result in collaborative efforts and partnerships. These methods however are basic and the real challenge lies in teaching entrepreneurial thinking.

entrepreneurThe capacity to innovate is the single most powerful weapon of the entrepreneur and the prime goal of every business oriented academic program.

Researcher Saras Sarasvathy in her work ‘What Makes Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurial?’ speaks of the concept of effectual rationality as opposed to casual rationality as the ingredient that makes entrepreneurs different.

The former enables an entrepreneur to build a compound model the uses its current status as fodder for future developments. This is possible only through an inquisitive mind that bends rules to suit his path.

The possibility of teaching one to develop a vibrant mind treading on uncharted territories might have been a taboo even five years back but today business schools are claiming fame based on their ability to create an environment for divergent thinking.

vision-skill-educationA BBA or an MBA today comprises of field operations, creation of working business models that students may grow into full time businesses in addition to case studies and theory.

The gap between a theoretical knowledge of business and on-site development through experience has thus been bridged as per current needs.

Of course Vocational studies and diplomas can give some of the knowledge that comes from a degree but a well oriented programme will give time to trigger a deviation from linear thinking and make room for a more proactive diverse brain function.

The field of entrepreneurship will thus achieve new heights by academics and practice, in essence a wholesome education.

Recent research has validated the fact that start-ups headed by someone with a college degree have a higher chance at sustainability for the list of people who made it with a college degree isn’t less famous- Bob Parsons (GoDaddy), Chad Hurley (YouTube), David Packard (Co-founder of Hewlett-Packard), Fred Smith (FedEx), Gordon Moore (Intel) are proof.

While Packard has an engineering degree from Stanford, Moore has a doctorate in Chemistry from the University of California. Smith is a Yale graduate.

Nothing needs to be said about their companies of course that are worth billions today and have touched lives everywhere and it goes without saying that their four year education did play a part it doing so.

Having said this, we must not forget to look at the larger picture that a gap now exists between school and college curriculum as far as entrepreneurship is concerned.

In schools even business theory is neglected, let alone practical. Economics is barely an optional subject and it is only after the tenth standard that the student gets to choose commerce as an option.

Moreover school teaching is designed for appraisal of discipline. Following conventions are rewarded and divergent thinking discouraged. Thus what today’s education still cannot give to entrepreneurial thinking is school level exposure to ideas.

Thus by the time a student graduates from school his divergent cognitive skill are significantly lowered. This issue still needs to be looked into.

In this article I have tried to highlight the pros and cons of entrepreneurship with an education and also briefly dealt with the problems at the ground level.

The bottom line however is that a proper education (academia and experience) will go a long way in shaping business and industry.

Indian institutes like the IIMs, Narsee-Monjee, etc have come long way in imparting good business knowledge and it will only be advantageous to the aspiring business minds to acquire a college degree.

Pratyasha Ghosh

Computer based TOEFL Test & FAQs

About TOEFL computer based test:

TOEFL Test Computer based is taken by those aspirant students who plan to further their studies in English Speaking Countries. TOEFL Full form is “Test of English as Foreign Language”. This measures your ability to communicate and understand English at academic environment. Some student also appear for IELTS

Listening Reading, Writing, Speaking are the skills which are tested in TOEFL test format. TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language) is one of the most trusted examinations which is accepted by 9000 institutions in 130 countries across the world.

 TOEFL Test format:

TOEFL Test section No. of questions Total no. of questions Timing
Reading 3-4 passages, 12-14 questions each 36-42 60-80 minutes
Listening 4-6 lectures, 6 ques. Each

2-3 conversations, 5 ques. Each

 lectures 24-36


Total: 34-51

60-90 minutes
Break 10 minutes
Speaking 6 tasks:

Two independent

Four integrated

—— 20 minutes
Writing 1 Integrated task

1 Independent task

 —– 20 minutes

30 minutes

TOEFL Reading Section:

Reading section in TOEFL Test has two formats viz. long and short. It is the short format; number of passages given will be 3 to solve within 60 minutes however long format contains 4 passages to be solved in 80 minutes.

Very rarely, 5 passages may appear on the test with the time limit of 100 minutes. All passages are of academic nature.


TOEFL Listening Section:

TOEFL Reading section of the test has two formats like reading that is Long and short. Long format will be 90 minutes long with which will have 6 lectures and 3 conversations and short will be merely 4 lectures and 2 conversations. Audio recording will be played in North American, British, Australian or New Zealand.

Note: If Reading test has a long format, Listening will have a short one and vice versa.

TOEFL Writing Section:

This section is 50 minutes long which is divided in two tasks.

Task 1 Task 2
Integrated essay Independent essay
This task must be written between 150 to 225 words in 20 minutes. There is no penalty for writing more number of words.


For this task students are subjected to a reading passage and a recording which is 2 to 3 minutes long. Both passage and recording are based on the same theme however, content discussed within will differ. Students are required to integrate response from passage and recording and then type it on their computer screen.

Recording will be played once but they can see the passage on the left side of the computer screen.

This task needs to be completed in 30 minutes with the words ranging from 300- 350. No penalty for longer responses.


For this task, students are presented with an issue, or an argument on which they have to share their views or present a solution, or agreement or disagreement.


This does not contain a passage and recording as in task 1.

Skills test in writing are; grammatical range and accuracy, vocabulary, logical flow of ideas, Formatting, and completion of task.

TOEFL Speaking Section:

This section is 20 minutes long. And this is divided into 6 tasks:

Task 1 Independent speaking topic with 15 seconds to prepare and 45 seconds to record response in the microphone.
Task 2 Independent speaking topic with 15 seconds to prepare and 45 seconds to record response in the microphone.
Task 3 Integrated topic based on campus environment: Read a topic+ Listen to a conversation and based on this respond to the question asked. 30 seconds preparation and 60 seconds to record a response will be provided.
Task 4 Integrated topic based on academic environment: Read a topic+ Listen to a conversation and based on this respond to the question asked. 30 seconds preparation and 60 seconds to record a response will be provided.
Task 5 Integrated topic based on campus environment: In this part of the speaking, students have to listen to a recording and based on which they have to record their answer. 20 seconds preparation time and 60 seconds to respondwill be allotted.
Task 6 Integrated topic based on Academic environment: In this part of the speaking, students have to listen to a recording and based on that, they have to record their answer. 20 seconds preparation time and 60 seconds to respond will be allotted.

TOEFL Fees Structure:

Registration TOEFL Fees may differ as per country
Late registration US$40
Rescheduling US$60
Reestablishment of annulled scores US$20
Supplementary score reports (for each institute or agency) US$19 each
speaking or writing test score evaluation US$80
Speaking and Writing test score evaluation US$160
Reverted individual check (either paper or electronic) US$20

Use this link for registration as there is no walk in registration for the exam. Link HERE.

TOEFL Frequently asked questions:

  1. How many times can the TOEFL test be repeatedly taken by the TOEFL TEST taker?

TOEFL test can be taken as many times as the candidate wishes to take. Nevertheless, there must be a gap of 12 days after the result of previous test have been declared.

  1. Is it possible to order additional TOEFL test reports?

Yes, it is possible by paying 19 dollar for each TOEFL Test report.

  1. Is it possible to take refunds in case not of not appearing for the TOEFL test?

It is possible to withdraw your registration no later than 4 full days before TOEFL test date and take a reimbursement which will be half the original test fee paid. Refunds will be in U.S. dollars. Refunds are not available in cash.

  1. When is the right time to register for the TOEFL test?

Registration must be done as early as possible. Register for TOEFL Test at least 3 to 4 months before to reserve your seat. Your TOEFL test date have to be 2 to 3 months beforehand your initial admittances application or other cut-off date.

  1. Are students allowed to make notes during the TOEFL test?

Yes, they are. Students can take notes all through the full TOEFL test. But they are not allowed to take the notes outside the TOEFL test centre in order to maintain complete security.

  1. What do students need to carry on TOEFL test day?

Nothing more than a legal ID proof which has student’s name, latest photograph and signature will be accepted.

They must mention ID information before registering and the ID proof must be exactly the same which was mentioned during registration for TOEFL Test

  1. Do not forget to do this on your TOEFL test day:

Reach 30 minutes before scheduled time of the TOEFL test. If you reach late, the TOEFL Test centre reserves all rights to not allow you to take up the TOEFL test and also, you cannot claim for the refunds.


You are not allowed to carry any electronic devices inside the TOEFL test room, if found with them, you will be terminated from the TOEFL test.

All the Best!

Aparna Sakhare

an instructor with

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Exam Modes: Online versus Offline

From the time when the education system begins and till date, exams are the only tool that validates a learner knowledge level.

The reason to look into exams is very important in today’s competitive world, the present world is packed in digital era.

Hence, the chances of interactions with internet has grown up severely in all domains and that led to the situation of judging Online exam and Offline exam modes.

For long time from now, most of exams have been conducted as offline exams, but the new system of online exams introduced after internet boon and it has been followed in most of competitive exams.

Undeniably India has long way of technical stability and that’s why nowadays competitive exams are mostly computer based.

Every year lakhs of candidates who do their school and college exams in offline mode are pushed towards online mode exams when it comes to competitive level.

Not all candidates are happy with online exams other than experienced persons.

Thereby a common dilemma exists about facing online exam or offline exam modes. To make your choices, we list contrariety between online and offline exams.


Offline exams are very familiar and habituated type of exam using pen and paper or OMR type and it has been followed still now in schools, colleges, coaching classes etc.

Earlier Online exams were only used in E-learnings, generally candidates do their preparation by looking questions from books and study materials and thus the candidates are very comfortable with offline exams.


In offline exams candidates are totally away from technical glitches. But only those students who have their own time management can afford with offline exams.

In growing admiration the technical problems are quite persistent. Most of candidates have doubts on,

  • What happens in case power shut down in computer based test (online exam)?

  • Even if problem is treated with immediate measures, unfortunately system may face no guarantee issues.

In such cases the examination centre will always ensure you that no such glitches come up.


Do you know what is worse than not attending a question and losing marks for it?

In Offline it is attempting a question and still not awarded marks for.

For OMR sheet you have to mark the answer very perfectly in form round form and the answers once marked cannot be changed again, which is one of the major defect in paper-pen test.

In OMR sheet, by fault if you marked answer for 16 instead of 15 then it runs you to trouble.

So be careful when marking options.

JEE_Main_2014-Information-Brochure-releasedMOVING TOWARDS ONLINE EXAM 

If youfeel fair enough to take a computer based test then it’s very easy to go with online mode. Ironically those who know to use Pcs, smart phones, laptops are well known to handle computer applications.

Those students who familiar with Facebook, emails, Wikipedia’s are easy with computer based test.

Why panic about online exam? It is a simple process by selecting boxes or moving on to next questions like marking in OMR.

Online exam holds more facilities than offline exams where in a single click you can navigate between questions. And answering questions would be more accurate including no chance of mistakes in marking.

The questions can be marked for review and answers can be changed at any point of time.

At the time if you’re not confident or having no idea in selecting answer, just mark it for review and save you valuable time to continue with next questions

In India most of competitive exams and other PSU’s exams are already moved to computer based test, especially nation’s top exams like CAT, GATE, JEE Bank exams are conducted by online mode.

Although considering student difficulty in some exams candidates are given choices to choose either online mode or offline mode.

What’s the final recommendation?

The decision is depends upon personal choice and the candidates are advised to choose their comfortable mode of exam and verify with below recap.

Offline exam 
Pros Cons
Before starting exam candidate can go through full question paper. Answers once marked cannot be changed easily.
No technical issues would rise up Due to students crowd exam fear may rise.
Candidates can manage their own timings to finish the exam. Offline exam mode is time consuming one.
Since offline mode has been already practiced in schools and college’s students will be more comfortable with it. Chances of missing questions may occur.
Online Exam 
Pros Cons
Candidates can make their own timings and sessions Chances of facing technical issues and network problem are more.
Answers once marked can be changed later if needed. In many of competitive exams section wise pattern does not allow the candidates to navigate to another section.
Questions can be marked for review  
Mock test gives actual online exam experiences.  
Online calculator and workout spaces are provided.  

In current pace, the development of things moves rapidly and dependency of digital platform is high, so it advisable to practice with online modes of exams in order to hope with future.

If an aspirant has dedication and practiced knowledge then exam mode is not an issue.At a distancebe prepared and confident to face any competitive exams boldly.

All the Best!

Dani Dissosa

IIT JEE Preparation Tips

IIT JEE Preparation: Intensive and Methodical

Every student desires to study in a renowned institution. An engineering degree from Indian Institute of Technology tops the chart. Every year an entrance exam is conducted for seeking admission into this premier institute of the nation.

Thousands of aspirants work hard and try to clear this exam to seek admission. However, only a select few clear the entrance exam for the most sought after institution. This article focuses on IIT JEE preparation tips.

One needs to practice and work diligently in order to clear the test. However, just diligence does not suffice, hard work needs to be combined with few tips and tricks to make it smart work.

EngineerMy Trusted Tutor assists you by providing some useful tips, formulated by our expert team of teachers, to help you clear the exam with flying colours. 

Every student must focus on basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics prescribed by CBSE in the NCERT of grade 11th and 12th. Two volumes of Concepts of Physics by Dr HC Verma can be consulted for Physics.

Kinematics and Dynamics section of grade 11th and Electromagnetism, Semiconductors and Alternating current should be emphasised on and practiced regularly.

For chemistry, one needs to have adequate knowledge of periodic table and characteristics of elements. Organic chemistry and physical chemistry must be practiced regularly.

Mathematical concepts of NCERT must be emphasised on. Numericals of physics, physical chemistry and maths and equations of Organic Chemistry should be solved regularly to achieve quick results.

One should also evaluate oneself through solving question papers of all the topics prescribed in the syllabus. One could also create a flow chart with all basic concepts and important formulae so as to remember them.

Once done with this, one can also solve various sample papers in a given span of time to enhance speed of calculation to find a solution quickly.

This way, an aspirant will know all the basic concepts and by practice will also solve all the questions quickly. 

How MyTrustedTutor Helps

The importance of guidance is irreplaceable for this exam and our team of experienced teachers at My Trusted Tutor shall mentor you at every step.

The teachers shall come to your residence as per your convenience to teach your ward and help them achieve their goal of studying in one of the IITs.

With our hassle-free procedure, you can sit conveniently and rely on us to assist you with every little thing you need.

With the help of our teachers and diligence of your ward, we can witness the success of your child together.

Prateeksha Pathak

Pearson Test of English Academic: Understanding the System

Introduction of PTE Academic

Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) is a new-fangled, transnational, computer-based academic English language test which perfectly assesses the listening, reading, speaking, and writing abilities of test participants who belong to non-English Environment as well as must prove their level English proficiency.

PTE Academic Test provides a realistic measure of candidates’ linguistic skill to academia, upper teaching organizations, and administration sectors besides organizations demanding academic English.

PTE exam is recognized by the Graduate Management Admission Council.

PTE Academic Test format

Pearson English Test is a CBT test i.e. a Computer Based Test. And following is your PTE test layout:

PTE Part Content Time allowed

PTE Segment Content Length
Introduction Introduction Introduction
1 Speaking and writing 77-93 minutes
2 Reading 32- 41 minutes
3 Listening 45-57 minutes
After segment 2, there will be a break of 10 minutes

 Contents in the PTE Test

Section Types of questions Number of questions
Speaking Read Aloud 6
  Repeat sentence 10
  Describe image 6
  Retell lecture 3
  Short questions 10
Writing Summarize written text 2
  Write essay 2
Reading multiple choice, select single answer 2
  multiple choice, select multiple answers 2
  Reorder paragraphs 2
  reading: Fill in the blanks 4
  reading and writing: Fill in the blanks 5
Listening Summarize spoken test 2
  multiple choice, selectmultiple answers 2
  Fill in the blanks 2
  Highlight correct summary 2
  multiple choice, select single answer 2
  Select missing word 2
  Highlight incorrect words 2
  Write from dictation 3


Candidates are permitted to take a short break after segment 2 of the PTE test i.e.(Reading). Directives will appear on the computer screen at the applicable time.

In order to take a break, Directions on the screen must be followed. The break is planned for 10 minutes, which comprises of the time it takes to sign back into the PTE testing room and return to desk.

If participants surpass the assigned 10 minutes, the time will be taken away from the subsequent segment of the PTE test. If Candidates do not need a break, the break time will not be furthered to test time.


Some objects check verbal English ability. Participants will be tested on their ability to speak into a microphone and record their response. They will have an opportunity to record their response just once.

If they do not answer in three seconds after hearing the tone, their answer will not be documented in addition,they have to go forward to the next section.


Some objects check written English ability. Candidates have to write their replies as per the standard written English norms by means of an accepted spelling concord, for illustration, British or American.

For this section of the PTE exam, participants are allotted a precise amount of time to answer back. If they do not answer the writing elements in the given time, they have to go forward to the next section.


There is a single time section containing five types of items. Here, students are given a short passage to read and based on this they are supposed to answer the questions. Types of questions are given above.


Some objects check ability to listen to spoken English. The PTE test uses diverse ranges of English, alike British, American, and Australian.

Pearson Test of English Academic
PTE Test

Pearson Test of English (PTE) Registration

Visit following website, click on ‘Quick Links’ which can be seen at the right hand side, tick on ‘Register for PTE Academic’.

Policy for repeating the PTE exam

Students can repeat the PTE test as many times as they want after receiving the PTE test results of earlier exam. Organizations will not be in a position to perceive candidates’ scores from earlier attempts.

Hence, Students are in a position to forward their scores to an infinite number of organizations, but only seven recipients must be selected at any one time.

Validity of the scores is for two years from the date of the PTE test. Thereafter scores will not be reflected on the website.

Common FAQs about the PTE exam

What is PTE Test?

It is a computer based academic English language test aimed to measure the listening, reading, speaking and writing abilities of test participants who do not belong to English environment that is, those who come from countries where English is a secondary language. 

When will I receive my PTE Test scores?

From the date of the test taken, you will be informed within five days via electronic mail when your PTE Academic scores are accessible.

Results can also be viewed by means of an account which a candidate must have created while doing registration of PTE exam and a request for making the scores available to an unlimited number of organization of student’s choice can be made.

What is the procedure of the universities to check PTE scores?

You need to forward your marks to the institute you have applied to as well as pertinent immigration consultant via your Pearson account. In order to do this,you are required to log into your account, choose your PTE Academic score and click on ‘Send Scores’. 

What is the best way to get ready for the test?

This link can be used for a free practice test and also right to use a range of means to benefit while doing PTE test preparation. There is free online tutorial is available on this website 

Availability of Locations for the PTE test:

This link contains information about availability of centres for the PTE test.

How much should I score In PTE Exam to be accepted by institutes?

Consult with the organization you are applying to for PTE Academic entrance scores however PTE Test score assortment is from 10 to 90.

PTE Payment policy

Candidates need to make a full payment while booking the PTE test which should be according to the currency specified for the particular nation otherwise payment will not be accepted.

Note: If the PTE test participant is aged 16 to 17, he or she requires filling parental consent form which must be scanned and sent to Pearson through fax or via email.

Aparna Sakhare, a freelance trainer with

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CPT Exam Preparation- 4 Important Guidelines

CA course (or Chartered Accountancy) is more of a journey than a course. ICAI conducts all exams of CA i.e. CPT Exam, IPCC Exam and CA Final. Common Proficiency Test, commonly known as CPT Exam is the first leg of this CA journey. Contrary to popular opinion, CPT is not a very difficult exam to crack, provided you follow the right approach.

This article aims to provide guidance w.r.t preparation for CPT exam to help you ease through this exam. You can check full syllabus of CPT in the different article

The following are the FOUR MANTRAS you need to keep in mind whilst preparation for CPT Exam

  1. “None but ourselves can free our minds”
CPT Exam Preparation
CPT Exam Preparation Tips

It is of paramount importance to approach the topics with an open mind. Difficulty is just an illusion created by our mind. A positive and open minded approach is the only way to clear CA exams.

Stop focusing on how difficult the CPT exam is supposed to be and start focusing on what got you started with CA in the first place. Believe In yourself and your abilities.

If it helps, write yourself some motivating notes and stick them on your study table.

  1. “Failing to plan is planning to fail”
CPT Exam Preparation Guide
CPT Exam Preparation Guide

Strategizing plays a pivotal role in your road to success. It is imperative that you make a plan that is comprehensive, viable and most importantly a plan that best suits you and your preferences. Execution of the plan is just as important.

Ensure that all the goals set for that particular day have been achieved before you go to sleep. If that doesn’t happen, try to compensate for it the next day. Try to avoid focusing on one particular subject (i.e. Accounts, Economics,Maths,Business Law)

Treat all the subjects as your significant other. A simple rule applies here: The more you give, the more you get.

  1. “Surround yourself with Greatness”
CPT Exam Preparation Success
CPT Exam Preparation Important Points

This mantra is all about creating a conducive environment. An environment that makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and motivated at the same time.

Allow yourself to let go of thoughts, people and situations that mar your chances of success. Try to create a peaceful environment that makes you feel focussed and at ease while studying.

Surround yourself with things and people that motivate you and inspire you. In the words of Oprah Winfrey, “Surround yourself with people that lift you higher”.

  1. “Practise makes Perfect”
CPT Exam Preparation Strategy
CPT Exam Preparation Strategy

Consistent practise and revision is the key. Given that a large chunk of CPT exam is practical questions, it is crucial that one solves as many problems as possible on a regular basis.

This will not only boost your speed of solving questions but also give you an understanding as to how to approach different types of questions. And also, consistent revision is a must when it comes to theory subjects.

The more you revise, the better are your chances of scoring higher.Ensure that you avoid rote method of studying. Obtain a proper understanding of the concept. This way, your mind will retain it for considerably longer period of time.

A wise adage says: “You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation.” CPT Exam is the foundation level where you learn the basics which are useful throughout your career.

So build a strong foundation now and enjoy its fruits in the future. As daunting as the task may seem, it is achievable. March forward with zeal, confidence and determination.

With the right amount of work put in, anything is possible.

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Information Overload: A Contemporary Issue

What is information overload?

Information overload is an increasing problem in our life. It is a state in which the amount of available information is so overwhelming that a person is unable to effectively process and utilize it. It is very common in our lives as well as in workplaces.

information-overload-1Technology plays an important role in information overload. Technology has many advantages; it has made us acquainted with many inventions from time to time. But with its constant use, it has provided us with lots of information.

This so much information is unnecessary and can lead us to serious stress related diseases, it also generate physical problems. We get information from various sources like newspaper, television, phones and internet.

Technology, in general, is used for managing information but it often come up with the problem, not with solution.

Information overload happens due to many reasons. One of the reasons is that people are unable to understand the existing information. Many individuals, who search for information most of the times, end up collecting too much information.

infooverload_fullThey are unable to grasp what is written in that information. Secondly, after collecting so much information people don’t know how to handle it.

Too much information affects both the individual as well as an entire organization. It deteriorates the performance of organization. It even leads to wrong decision making.

People spend too much time while looking for information due to which their time is wasted.  Due to information overload mistakes happens, decisions are delayed.

Question of reliability also comes in the mind of individual as he often gets confuse whether to rely on particular information or not. It reduces ability to concentrate on single information.

twitter-information-overloadWe should take actions to minimize the negative effect of information overload. We should take analysis of information whether it is personal or related to business.

Then in accordance to that we should categorize them on the basis of whether we need this information or not, from where we need this information and how to turn the information into results.

It will, in turn, construct a procedure for us to handle the information. We should not pay much attention to less important information; it would give us less time for important information.

We should also keep in mind that each thing which is important should be given time. For this, time management is required. We should make a list of things that we feel are important and give priorities to them.

Jaspreet Kaur

The Power of Online Education

Online education or distance education works as a great medium for students who cannot continue their regular colleges.

Such students can acquire their degrees and fulfill their accomplished goals with the help of E-education.

Online education provides an interactive classroom to the students. Through it, they can easily develop their communication skills.

Online-Education1The technology being used in online education is very effective. The online discussion board enables students to participate in the discussion forum.

All the students get equal chances to share their views in these discussions. Students, who are generally shy in face-to-face interactions, try to speak up in these discussions as they don’t want to be got ignored.

Students enjoy these discussions as they tend to learn more things by sharing their views with their peers and instructors.  Student’s knowledge retention is increased through online program.

The multimedia tools used in these programs helps students to enhance their memory. Students in reality are capable of learning through images instead of textbooks. These images remain in their mind for longer period of time.

Online education is not without its problems. It may not be for everyone. But despite of all these, it bolster students confidence and enable them not to give up their studies at any cost.

Jaspreet Kaur

Please read this comparative article of online education and campus education HERE.

Campus Education versus Online Education

Why Online Education?

Education plays an important role in our life. It helps us to be independent. Be it campus education or online education, it has its own role in one’s life.

Campus education helps in personality development of an individual other than retaining academic knowledge. On the other hand, online education provides a more interactive classroom and allows students to develop their communication skills.

In campus, students can interact with peers and teachers, which is not the part of online education. They can even participate in extracurricular activities and sports.

download (1)Online education hinders this aspect and does not provide such an effective interaction between instructors and students. A discussion forum is provided in online course to gain in-depth understanding but even then, many   students are unable to express themselves.

In campus education face-to-face interaction happens. Due to this, equal attention is given to all which is not provided in online education. Distance education uses various educational technologies. For instructors it may not be as easy to identify when a student is struggling.

For science students campus education is best.  They need to perform practical and for that they need labs. Such courses cannot be accommodated in online education.

E-education provide  various multimedia tools, students who does not know how to operate such a advance education technologies feels difficult to handle it and cannot understand whatever is taught in online classes.

images (3)Face-to-face classes and textbooks are suitable for learning for such students.

Therefore, both students and instructors need to be technologically competent enough to use the educational technologies.

With enrollment in campus students become regular, disciplined and understand his responsibility towards his studies, he attends classes and complete assignments on time. E-education discourages all these aspects.

Students need to be more self-directed learners in online courses than in face-to-face courses. It depends on individual experience whether to go for online education or campus education.

For some who cannot afford to take admission in colleges on regular basis, for them online education is best option to continue their studies.

Whereas others who can afford their education and can take admissions in college, for hem campus education is good. It depends upon individual’s priority not on society’s priority as a whole.

Jaspreet Kaur

Parenting Advice 101: The Art of Parenting

Parenting Advice 101

Here is some quick parenting advice!

To become an awesome parent is dream of every couple but few get successful in being that. Parenting is not bringing up the children it is also about growing up and transforming them into better human beings.

What they need to understand is that they should interact with child in constructive way. Child’s environment is more influential in development.

Many books are available in the bookstore to teach parenting but there is not a single book to exactly define what is parenting.

images (1)To be a good parent, one needs to change oneself according to their child’s behavior and nature. They need to build up a secured attachment with their child.

Parents should be extremely careful while punishing the child in order to control his/her behavior. They should not ignore child as it is a form of subtle abuse to them.

In return child reverts to any behavior to get parents attention. To be good parent, one should not compare their child with other children.

As this comparison can generate a sense of pride, value and worthiness, in others it could sow all feelings low and depressing.

Comparison causes worst effects when naming gets involved. So, if Ankita is doing better in sports, Gaurav is getting better marks. No need to ‘Keep up with Joneses’.

imagesComparing one’s own children with other’s children is nothing new. It serves as a trigger for a lot of harm like- Anger and resentment, low self-esteem, hopelessness and solitude.

Parents should keep in mind few things while comparing their child. They should understand that different family have different set ups. The reason why someone else’s child looks to be doing better could be rooted in their background and family history.

Parents should understand that kids develop at different levels. They are early developers, slow bloomers and steady-as-you-go kids in every group. Embrace those differences with positivity and do not keep absurdly low or high expectations from the other party.

A renowned child and adolescent psychologist Shelija Sen in her book highlights five anchors of parenting, that is, connect, coach, care, community  and commit.

“They all are interlinked to each other connect, coach, care, community and commit. Connect is the foundation – laying down nourishing soil replete with love, worthiness, joy and positive energy.

Coaching is about building necessary life skills in children through an understanding of their unique wiring. Care is about building caring ecosystems for children to thrive in. Commit is about sustaining the courage and compassion for whole-hearted journey.” says Shelija

downloadParents should behave as a companion to their children to grow healthy relationship with them. They should provide wisdom to children.

While one should be satisfied and happy with one what has, a little push to get into the world’s game and serves as a competent contender works favorably.

Children can stretch out further and explore their hidden abilities and parents can become encouraged to strive for a better life.

images (2)

Jaspreet Kaur

Options After Engineering Course

After graduating from high school, the first question you ask yourself is “What next?”

The next time you ask yourself this question again, is when you’re either in the final year of an engineering degree or have recently graduated.

An Engineering degree, in India is something that you first finish, and then think about what you would like to do further.

A B.Tech/B.E degree in any field usually gives you an advantage because it is a 4-year professional degree, after which you are free to either gain full-time jobs or study further. Here are a few different avenues to explore after you have a Bachelor of Technology degree in hand.

There are two main decisions to be taken at this point:

1. To get a job, or to study further

2. To stay in India, or to go abroad

Once you’ve made these decisions, you’re free to choose one of the following.

A. To get a job:

ICAI-Campus-Placement-Aug-Sep-20151. Campus Placements:

These are easily one of the easiest jobs to get. The companies visiting your campus usually have a fixed number of people that they need to recruit from the college.

These selections are usually based on your undergraduate percentage, your extra-curricular activities, an aptitude test, a group discussion, a case study, and an interview.

This seems like a good option when you’re not sure whether you’d like to stay on the technical side of things or not. Job descriptions vary from company to company, but freshers usually do not get senior positions.

The salary packages offered are decent and if you’re thirsting for the thrill of own money, this is the option for you.

2. Open interviews:

This, again is a way to find a good job in India. The companies post their requirements, based on which you either e-mail them your CV/resume or directly walk into the interview.

Open interviews are known to be tougher on students because of the large number of people that turn up, and few of them with prior job experience.

4784852363. The Armed Forces:

If you think you have it in you to serve the country in any capacity, there are a lot of openings in the country’s defence departments. These aren’t just limited to field-work.

They require good engineers and doctors as well. The Army/Navy/Air Force offer entrance examinations at regular intervals.

Keep a watch out for these, if you’re interested. There are a lot of exciting opportunities in these areas.

4. Work for an NGO:

Working for a Non-Governmental Organization not only boosts your resume, but gives you a chance to understand the field you’re working in, better.

It is a common misunderstanding that NGOs do not pay well. This might be true during the initial periods, but the satisfaction of serving and working for the betterment of the country does indeed make up for the initial hesitance.

28EPBS-IAS-Lead_IA_1344359e5. The Civil Services:

Keep track of the announcements for the UPSC examinations for the Civil Services.

Nothing says prestige in India, than telling people you’re an IAS/ IPS officer. Apart from these two very well-known services, there are options like Indian Engineering Services. They pay well, are government jobs, which means pension after retirement, and a happy life.

6. Freelance:

The least popular option, if any. You might dread the questions at family gatherings- “Freelance? Does that mean you work for free?” “Didn’t you get placed in any company?” and so on.

Answering these questions and explaining to most people in India about what exactly freelance is, is a major daunting factor.

But when done well, it is a wonderful professional opportunity to develop your craft, build an impressive resume and earn quite a bit to support your lifestyle. If you make it big, there’s huge money in freelance! So, don’t overlook it.

B. To Study Further:

In India:

An M.Tech Degree

If you’re academically oriented, or just believe that you have to study further in order to make it big in life, by all means, go ahead! There are quite a few things you can take up. The most popular one is a Masters in Technology.

An M.Tech degree is a post-graduate (graduate, in the USA) degree that emphasises on one subject. This needs pre-planning. You probably will have to start preparing for the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) examination conducted nationally.

This exam is highly competitive and more than 2 lakh people write it annually. The GATE is meant for admissions into IITs, NITs, IISC, and many other top – ranking colleges in India.


PrintOne of the most popular options after an engineering degree, for us Indians, is a Masters degree in Business Administration.

This stems, I believe, from the western business dressing, and working from inside a large, glass cubicle in an MNC. If that is what your dream is, then this degree will put you on the path to it. It might take a few years, but it’ll happen.

The requirements for qualification for admission to an MBA program is fairly simple. High GPAs, high academics, high levels of communication, high levels of extra-curricular activities, and not to mention the high amount of fees.

Plan well, and plan ahead, if you’re thinking MBAs.There are a lot of entrance exams for MBAs within India, out of which the most popular is the Common Admission Test (CAT). Other well-known entrances are the XAT, NMAT etc.

Word of advice: An MBA is of infinitely more value if you have a good two years’ worth job experience.

Extra courses:

Engineering-1920x960Take for example, a short course in Game design, or perhaps JAVA coding. Taking a step back from the mainstream studies and jobs, you can do multiple diplomas in these courses.

They’ll give you an edge over the crowd. There are a lot of courses available, and a simple Google search will help you go a long way.

You can also consider doing verified certificate courses on websites such as Coursera.

They provide a huge variety of free course materials from universities like Harvard and MIT. Auditing the course is free. But gaining a verified certificate costs about 45$.

Study Abroad:

Fair warning – this requires a lot of investment. Almost around 50-60 lakhs for a period of two years.

An MS degree:
The most common of all academic career paths is a Master of Science degree. Hot destinations include the United States of America, Germany (free education!?) and Australia.

The first step towards this is taking the GRE examination. Next, take a test of English proficiency, like the TOEFL or the IELTS.

It happens to be a long, drawn-out process, but well-rewarding.

An MBA, abroad:

This is yet another popular option for engineering students. But most business schools abroad prefer candidates with a work experience of two years or more.

The first step towards an MBA abroad is to take the GMAT exam. Then, appear for tests of English proficiency and start applying to the first or second decision rounds.

Europe is a hot favourite for MBAs abroad. There are some wonderful schools – with equally good job opportunities, if you’re able to prove your worth.

In India or Abroad – There are a lot many things you can do after earning that Bachelor of Technology.

Take an year off – Travel: Sure, this requires money. Don’t go broke trying to travel.

But if you do have the means, then you should go, enjoy and learn. Take up an internship abroad, or just go visit places. Meet new people and grow.

Start up your own company: If you have an entrepreneurial streak in you, this is something you’ll enjoy doing.

Converting ideas into real-world applications gives a satisfaction like no other. Develop an app, start an NGO, network and be of use!

Art: Not a very popular field due to the perceived lack of earning, and the effort and money required to make a mark in art, be it music, painting, dance etc.

It requires extensive networking and determination, but is a very rewarding field of work, both in India and abroad.

All these paths make for a wonderful life. Passionately pursue what it is, that you want. Work hard, and the world will be at your feet. Best of luck, all!

Aditi Sharma, freelance Writer at

IIT JEE: The Name Says it All!

Basic Guidance for IIT JEE

Indian Institute of Technology is a premier institution of the nation that adopts the best faculty and infrastructure to produce a range of highly qualified and talented engineers.

Every year, the institute conducts an examination to select eligible candidates. One needs to qualify the entrance examination which happens in numerous cities of India.

The exam happens in two stages, Mains and Advanced. The preliminary stage happens during the month of April, while Mains takes place during May.

A student has to be born on or after October 01, 1991 to appear for the exam being conducted in 2016.

Only those students who have cleared their 12th examination in 2016 or 2015, with minimum 50% marks are eligible to appear for the exam.

crack-jeemans and advancedOne is allowed to appear twice for the exam. No more attempts can be given after this. The exam tests a student’s ability by asking questions based on Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics of grade 11th and 12th.

One has to be well versed with concepts of NCERT prescribed for both the grades. Moreover, constant input and revision, along with continuous evaluation, shall assist you in increasing the probability of selection.

The role of an experienced mentor is irreplaceable to help you combat the problems. At My Trusted Tutor, you can rely on our diligent team to provide you the most suitable tutor as per your requirement.

The team tries to understand all your expectations and thrives hard to deliver what you’re looking for. Selection in the exam not only ensures admission in any of the IITs, but it also affects the admission to various other colleges of India like NITs etc.

Selection in various colleges of Maharashtra shall also depend on the ranking of IIT-Mains.

One needs a good mentor to help one at each and every step and My Trusted Tutor ensures that we provide you the best to enhance and enrich your ability to ensure your selection in the examination for a brighter future.

Some noteworthy tutors for Engineering Entrance Tests:

Chaitanya P can be contacted HERE.

Arun Kumar can be contacted HERE.

Ramayan Chandra Sudhanshu can be contacted HERE.

Phonics: Relevance and Importance for Students

Learning is well-thought-out as an art in acquiring knowledge, wherein people would have different perspectives in learning things of world.

Known or unknown in some way or other we tempt to learn things; if interested then more curiosity to know methods of learning.

Generally, not many of us would be excellence in grasping information as quick as possible, especially for students it’s hard to follow.  Most of time tutors and parents senses tough to focus their students or children’s on study.

Because in usual method of study they grasp only information, instead knowledge is gained only when they understand the concepts of subjects.

Naturally students have better tendency to follow their mind with sound and pictures and that’s why everything we hear and see easily stored in our memory.

So then if you think, Is there any study method inform of sound-letter?Yes, of course Phonics method of learning makes students to clinch with words and sounds.

Typically many tutors would have probably heard of phonics, but the chances are quite less in knowing and explaining about phonics. That’s where we interested to bring you the basic information of phonics and its importance for students to lead a new study revolution.

phonics-app_thumb800What is phonics?

Phonics is a method of learning, which bilaterally coordinates words and sounds foreasiness and effective learning. The aim of phonics is to relate the sound and spelling in common words and there by linking to similar set of patterns.

While generating a word through phonics, the consideration must be on decoding for the reason that a vital element to link the previous sound with next word. In other words, learning phonics is attaining knowledge in a positive way in both reading and writing.

How to structure Phonics?

The phonics instruction has to be unambiguous rather than couched. The ordering of instruction relies on exposing unique clues on sound-spelling relation; surely one who understands this clearly, can be a good reader then.

Usually the poor readers finds difficult to follow at the beginning, so phonics has to be taught in easy manner. Especially children’s face quite difficulties in reading and so a good phonics should have a definite pattern for sound-spelling along with guided options to sound and to blend out new words.

The practice should start from a new word and followed by pronunciation with proper sound-spelling. This is a crucial part in phonics instruction to generate those words suitable for decoding, so consequently next word could be remembered easily.

PhonicsTherefore in phonics focus on sound-spelling relationship in minimal period. While planning phonics lessons,do plan accordingly to all type of students, even some may have higher level of proficiency than others.

How to practice phonics?

Phonics involves blending between sound and words, also written characters, but it mostly pinches on sound of spoken words. So while practicing phonics focus on sound-spelling relationships that related with print or text.

Most of phonemic attentiveness is oral tasks and so it is controversial in reading contents. In phonics several components are important for reading comprehension, phonemic awareness, vocabulary and fluency building.

The finest practices in phonics are listed that recommended for parents and educators for better teaching.

Modelling -Phonics

The modelling is a significant role in phonics that can be achieved only by self-practice. Most of the words would not be familiar to new readers, both students and teachers have to model sound-letter relationship to learn new words through decoding.

Some common text that could be easily modelled is non-fiction books, nursery rhymes, songs and poems with repetitive etymology.The exact period for learning phonics starts after three years from the child begins kindergarten.

Since the students are instructed from their kindergarten it continues in their studies and after quite experience deliberately they apply phonics in their readings.

There is no constraint in terms of age groups to learn phonics, but most influence constituents were the stage of development and instruction structures.

If a children receives instruction either one by one or as a whole that does not create any variations so phonics is something common.

Systematic teaching

In phonics the teaching should be preceded in systematic way and that actually means taking the children through a contiguous plan rather than general aspect of phonics. The systematic teaching can concentrates on the following,

  • Analogy phonics – New parts of words are discovered using familiar words
  • Synthetic phonics – Method of decoding the words by translating in form of sound and then blending it
  • Context phonics – Sound-letter links to generate context clues to decode new words.
  • Spelling phonics- The sound-letters combinations used to write words.
  • Analytic phonics – Parsing out of spelling-sound relationship from a word, once it is identified as whole word.

Neverthelessin systematic teaching, instructions imply a sequential focusesto help the readers to decode new words using the relationship between sounds and letter symbols.

For example:  If a child identifies a sound-letter in /a/ as a piece of literature and instantly this skill uses to get alliteration of the /a/ sound (beginning sound in repetition) and even phonics games are available, for sample if you write a word “cat” then the sounds should be produced in order of “c” ”a” and “t” so listening skill is much important in phonics. 

Why student learn it?

The phonics tends to relay on particularly words and sounds which resembles common strategy in memorizing and pronunciations.

The readers have their own way of reading approaches by using pictures, context or excluding some parts. To become fluent in reading students are expected to follow repertoire of words.

Understanding of phonics draws attention in studies and research studies reveals that, students improve well in comprehend sections and helps them to map out sounds on top of spellings. Other than many benefits were griped in why phonics to students as below,

  • Phonics ensuing students with verbal exercises to erase reading difficulties.
  • Since it laid emphasis on spelling patterns in addition improves spelling abilities.
  • The blending of words and sounds indicates to identify word skill relations.

In addition phonics develops the eloquence in reading comprehension because students can easily correlate in word identification and because they identify decoding stands as a major trouble earlier.

If students do well in phonics and word recognition, then speaking and writing vocabularies is piece of cake. The reason behind this insistence is later it found that students who know phonics are beyond in using new words than those who don’t follow the same.

Also studies have proven that half of the English words can be put into phonics which related one with another.

For long time phonics was considered to be isolated learning and some researchers discovered that children’s perform well in decoding than young students.

Therefore phonics, is recommended for future study to improve vocabulary and language proficiency.

Dani Disosa

Tutor Revenue Sharing Structure at

Money matters- in fact it is the matter which plays the hardball in most situations. recognizes the importance and we base our fiscal structure on this basis itself.

Pricing Structure

We don’t charge anything in advance as of now. However, we do operate on an impactful revenue sharing arrangement. It is a free world and we abide by the same rules.

We want you to accept the structure as per your own will and understanding. In case of doubts or clarifications, it is pertinent to clear them and we strive to do that on an immediate basis.

downloadFull believers of clean hands doctrine, we are here to help you out and we expect the same level of honour and commitment from your end.

There have been regrettable incidents of past wherein tutors have failed to adhere to basic code of conduct. In return we have opted to not let that deter us or make us negative: it is easier to ignore a wrong doing than hold a grudge forever.

We will do our best to make the best out of our arrangements and commitments and we would appreciate the same from you. It is a long term relationship after all, one which cannot thrive in negativity and doubt.

Why sharing Feedback is important

It is a trend we have observed: tutors who shared feedback with us meticulously got more assignments and fetched higher levels of tuition conversion.

feedbackFeedbacks are important in business conversations as we can gauge our performance that way. They provide an effective finishing effect.

Some tutors share feedbacks on their personal initiative and we sincerely appreciate their efforts. Needless to say, we share more enquiries with them, too.

It is a part of mutual rewarding process because you make our process fast and efficient. Such efforts also showcase your seriousness and commitment.

We understand that as dedicated professionals, your schedules are busy and such activities (of sharing feedbacks and a couple of other administrative compliances) slip from your head.

This is why we make sure that reminders are sent to you, because we believe in benefits of doubt. Maybe you are confused about the kind of feedback to share. Any feedback is good feedback- sharing is caring, after all.

Let us take an example of a case which is not suiting your skills or timings or efforts. Maybe they are fit for some other teachers who would really appreciate such feedback and work on them.

To err is to human- we try to be as correct as possible in our business requirements but we are open to genuine errors and fallacies, too. This is where your feedback helps us, and ultimately yourself.

What to talk about during first meeting and Demo?

A common question which plagues newbies and beginners is: “I am new to private tuition and don’t know how much to charge?”

To answer that, first ask yourself:

What is your ability and strength?

Does your talent validate you charging high fees?

firstdeserveOf course, no one is stopping you from doing the latter. You are free to do whatever but remember! If you do not deliver it is going to backfire against you. There are no hard and fast rules for setting your limits but your fee should definitely cover the following aspects:

  • Your transport costs
  • Your marketing costs
  • Rewarding your talents and skills
  • Your personal efforts

Since these variables are different for different individuals, the fees are different, too. One thing to remember here is that we have observed that when you charge anything less than Rs. 250/- per session (with 1 session spanning 60 to 90 minutes), your motivation will dissipate sooner or later.

Because we are all humans at the end of the day, ruled by same psychological rules and parameters. You might feel that your skills are not being rewarded correctly and hence, you may give lesser efforts and ultimately give up on the assignment in to-to.

Of course, it follows that we will not let this slide by easily- this is a serious act of non compliance and breach of our code of conduct and we will be forced to put you in a black list.

That translates into us not sending you many articles, sometimes none at all! We really do not want to do that and we definitely believe that you don’t either. Hence, do not do something which affects you negatively in long term.

So we have come to the end of this descriptive guide. We really hope it will help us both grow and prosper and simultaneously mutually benefit from each other.

Come, join us and be a part of an innovative revolution in the domain of teaching.

Importance of Teachers: The Pillar of a Classroom

We need to discuss the importance of teachers, the guardian of a functional classroom!

A teacher is the backbone of a classroom. Just like a strong backbone becomes a pillar of the human body, the teacher is the pillar of his/her classroom. Being a teacher is no more a derogatory profession.

Individuals who believe in giving their best in imparting not only a strong academic base but even life skills and values generally sustain in the system.

So how do we differentiate between a good teacher and a developing teacher? What skills, values and mindsets will lead to one to become a good teacher- that is something we need to assess now.

There is no one who is bad, incorrect or wrong – it’s the absence of the guidance and skills coupled with the ignorance of context which determines attitude.

Every teacher tries to pave his/her way to develop and his/her skills. A good teacher is one who not only possesses the appropriate values, mindsets and skills but puts them into practice at appropriate junctures.

Empathy is one of the qualities that enable a teacher to understand how the child is feeling at a particular time. This is different from sympathy where one would feel sorry.

By being in the shoes of someone we begin to understand them, which makes us empathise and act differently with that person.

If the child does not feel understood and loved, s/he may consider school as futile. This will have a tremendous impact on their overall development.

A teacher also needs to be an excellent communicator! Children spend most of their time in school, that’s also when their learning ability is at its peak.

It is thus vital that anything imparted needs to be communicated in the best possible manner. This also includes child-friendly ways of imparting knowledge. It doesn’t matter what is communicated, what really matters is how it is done!

This means, if the pedagogy and learning styles are not taken care of, no matter how much effort the teacher has taken it will not seep into the minds of the students.

Thus, the innovation and creativity needs to flourish in the classroom making each child think, wonder, ponder and eager to listen.

If the communication loop is not strong enough, there are high possibilities that the child may withdraw from the teacher.

By possessing this quality the teacher must also know to balance the same by being a great listener. Students have a lot to share, and it is essential that we let those great ideas take shape.

Afterall, it is only through dialogue and sharing of ideas that great transformations take place. It is extremely important that teachers balance their speaking and listening time.

The key to any event / outcome to be successful is planning! Planning an event or marriage well, leads to a great show! Similarly, lessons / activities / questions and assessments planned in advance leads to great student outcomes.

This means keeping the needs to each child in mind while working on the lesson plan. It also enables one to think of the different questions / misconceptions that may arise and possible ways to respond to them.

It gives the teacher a benchmark to see if what s/he taught seeped into the child’s memory? If yes, what is it that worked? If no, what is it that s/he can do differently next time? The assessments are a great way of knowing this.

It is rightly said, if you believe in something, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving it. The same rule applies to teachers and their conviction for their students.

The belief that all my students can and all my students will – is faith with which they must operate. By looking at scores, performance of varied activities, etc. it is very likely to jump to conclusions about each child and label  him/her.

However, the trick here is to continue to believe that each child is unique, different and carries a spark within him/her that lights in just the most luminous way!

No matter how much e-learning and technology has captured the world, no matter how much digitization of content is done every single day, no matter how economical e-learning is getting – nothing can replace the presence of a teacher in the classroom.

S/he is that one go to person with whom the child has a touch and feel connect, with whom the child can relate to, and have a relationship with. Computers, tablets and laptops are mere machines.

They cannot and never will replace what a human can do for another! Thus, in this age it is extremely vital to possess and developing the qualities to be a better teacher than you were today!

Because knowledge is available in abundance everywhere, what’s lacking is the means to impart it in the most efficient manner!

Best 10 Traits of a Good Teacher: A Patient and Wonderful Mentor

Who is a good teacher?

There are many qualities and attributes associated to the role and personality of a good teacher.

This is not a strict term and encompasses several factors in itself because the awesomeness of a teacher is not restricted entirely to a certain few caps.

quality-of-a-good-teacher-essay-helpFirst, he / she should always be willing to learn and evolve as per different expectations and times.

Learning NEVER stops, even if you are a teacher. One should not get irritated if their mistakes are pointed out or if a student asks a question out of genuine curiosity which they do not know the answer to.

Second, he / she should strive to always5385384_f248 be a good teacher and mentor to their students. Do not be ignorant or think that you are always correct. You are in a position of responsibility. Be the best! :)

Third, he / she should have reasonably good communication skills. It is very important to make sure that your pupil is completely understanding what you want to convey to them.

Fourth, he / she should be knowledgeable. That really does not translate into being a know it all. What we mean is that you should have adequate knowledge to guide their students to achieve the best possible results.

good-teacher-blog-imageFifth, he / she should use humour in all the right manners. No one likes a grumpy cat, right? This is equally applicable to teachers, too. Learning should be fun, not a drab and boring activity which deters your student from learning at all.

Sixth, he / she should have a positive attitude! It is really important because all your pupils might not be on the same page. Some might be fast and some might be slow learners. You should take into account such a bunch and hence,have a patient and positive attitude.

670px-Be-a-Good-Teacher-Step-4Seventh, he / she should be flexible. Being rigid helps NOONE, not even the most awesome of teachers. It is great to have rules and regulations but life is not lived according to only a few conditions. A lot may happen and you should be open to these changes!

Eighth, he / she should use diverse and interesting methods of teaching. No one likes a teacher who comes and speaks a few things and goes away. A teacher should be friendly and approachable and should use interesting ways to make sure that the end message is received by his students.

bTyE9exjcNinth, he / she should make the students figure out things and instances on their own. Do not serve everything on a silver platter- ease does not equal learning. Make stuff challenging and interesting, this is very important an aspect of being an effective and efficient teacher.

Tenth (LASTLY, PHEW!) he / she should promote independence in their pupils when it comes to learning and absorbing new things. The idea is to make sure that your students learn in the best manner and understand and apply the theories in practical life.


Neeati Narayan

JOB POST @ Web Developer; Apply Now!

Hey there tech gurus!

We need some amazing applications to fill in the immediate requirement of Web Developer job post in our start up.

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If the answer to these questions is a resounding YES then read ahead and get acquainted with the basic nitty gritties of the job profile!

maxresdefaultTechnical Requirements

  • A degree in Web/UI/UX/Graphic Design or related majors- put your best foot forward!
  • Guru in Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator – we need some awesome creativity!
  • Experience with HTML5/HTML, CSS3/CSS, JavaScript, SQL,or other related languages – a definite requirement!
  • Exemplary verbal, presentation, and written communication skills – now that is going to be a tough one!

Our Expectations from You

We do not demand a lot- being a start up, we understand where you come from as we have been on the other side of the table, too. But here are a few basics:

  • High on creative energy- we need some who loves to create at high speed.
  • Loves to stay wired- Someone who actively explores web, print media, world around etc to see prevailing trends in color, schemes, patterns, styles, formats, animation, fonts, designs etc. Come up with List of New Suggestions every weekend for enhancing Visual Appeal, Interaction Design & Overall Customer Experience. Basically someone who constantly strives to get better and better.
  • Receives critical feedback with an open mind- Looks at criticism as an opportunity for improvement or rectification. Afterall, we need to be the best and that honestly requires some thorough work!
  • Appreciates & gets inspired by nicer work or websites- Should be keen on improving his/ her work based on examples of nicer work by others and not feel threatened. Evolution and improvement is a part of life, right?
  • Takes suggestions as creative challenges and not as annoying intrusions. As said before, we need plain awesomeness at all levels!
  • Ready to ‘do’ and ‘undo’ as per suggestions made- Untroubled by constant pointing- out in order to drive & achieve ultimate perfection. Perfection comes after trial and error, it is a fact of life!
  • Has inherent passion to produce best in class art or work- Feels restless unless best is achieved. Gives great attention to details. No explanation needed here.
  • Manages ambiguity in directions- Unfazed by not-so-clear and conflicting business demands. Tries on his own to figure or make sense out of disparate pieces of information. Nothing is served on a silver platter, we believe in hard work and dedication.
  • Foresees and tackles upcoming problems/ issues- We do not need an astrologer but we certainly need a reliable head on your shoulders.
  • Conduct user research, surveys, A/B testing on our products and experiences- Research is the first step towards perfection.
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize and manage time effectively
  • Meets job guidelines with enthusiasm- We need cheerful people around us. Research shows that it increases productivity and who are we to challenge these scientists??

Some reporting instructions!

  • Immediate or almost immediate (not more than 45 mins lag) reply to calls,messages and emails. If unable to reply immediately, get in touch within 45 mins. It is important to be in touch throughout this task and in your profile. It boosts productivity and constitutes good work ethics.
  • Start on time. Success is proportional to punctuality.
  • Keep people in-charge updated on your leaves, delay or any other issues that could affect normal course of work. Do not leave us hanging! 
  • Take approval of people in-charge before making a production live.
web-developer-lahoreSounds like your cup of tea? Something up your alley? A job you promise to give your best to?

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