Teaching Career: Why Not a Well Paid Profession in India?

Teaching Career: Well Paid or Not?

This article is about the teaching career and deliberates over reasons why teaching is not a well paid profession in Indian scenario.

Among   the   greatest of all services that can be rendered by men to almighty God, is the education and training of children, so that they can foster by grace in the way of salvation, growing like pearls of divine bounty in the shell of education and will be one day the jewel in the crown of abiding glory.

The teacher is a dynamic force of the school. A school without a teacher is like a body without the soul , a skeleton without blood and flesh, A shadow without substance.

There is no greater need for cause of education today than the need for strongly manly men and motherly women as teacher for the young. Being a teacher is being in one scary position.

Those who educate the children are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, that art of living well.”

Teacher show right path to student and also prepares a human for the further development of the nation .So no doubt, it is the noble than any other profession.

Let’s talk about why teaching is not well paid profession in India ‘It is difficult to have a decent lifestyle in a teaching job and hence some teachers need to relay on tuition money to support their family.’

This is not just any quote, but plight of several teachers in India. It is sad to associate plight with people who impart knowledge and educate the new generation, but this is truly an irony.

But with low salaries why would any graduate want to plunge in teaching when one can make twice the amount of money by working at a BPO? In fact private tutoring is more lucrative than a school teaching job in India.

For me every job on earth can be a noble one if you do it for a noble cause. Do your job well so that result may at least help a single person without causing harm to any. Indian does not consider teaching as a good profession.

teaching-careerThis has been going on for years because of few reasons like; low salary structure, it is a menial job. People join this profession because of good vacations, no pressure to perform, no accountability.

Teachers do a lot for their students, teacher are an extremely important facet of any society for a multitude of reason. Teachers are the people who educate the youth of society who in turn become the leaders of the next generation of people.

Teacher are the people who are teaching children and imparting knowledge upon them in their most impressionable years, so teachers certainly have a significant mark on the development of young children and even old children alike as they are teaching them and helping them develop their knowledge so that they can go on in life and be responsible and productive member of society.

Teachers should be well paid because they are boon for us.

Sushma Das


Tutor Tips: What Tuition Fee Should I Quote?

Tutor Tips Segment

This article penned by an insightful author delves into one of the most basic tutor tips, i.e. computation of tuition fees by the tutors. Read on.

This is really an interesting questions and we do encountered with this questions on a regular basis. Many a time, we sound dumb, we sound foolish; but its very important?

Don’t you think so. If you go to Investment Banker, they will call it “Valuation” or “Price Discovery”. Its simply asking why Laptop was being sold at Rs 60,000 10 years back and now it is available at Rs 20,000.

Who ultimately decides the price??

The person who is actually selling the Laptop in above case (or the Teacher who is delivering Tuition in our case) or the person who is buying Laptop in above case (or the students taking Tuition in our case).

Frankly speaking, there is not any honest answer. In economics, we call it Market Forces/ Competition. We will love to hear comment from your side.

Do you (Tutors) influence the Tuition Fee or Parents/Students influence the Tuition Fee. Just tell me, Who dictate the price of Apple Phone? (its costly but still people love it).

Do you have the quality that parents are willing to pay High Tuition Fee? Just think about it and share your insights.

tutor-tips-tuition-feeWhat Price to Quote??

Its really an interesting question, if I quote Tuition Fee of Rs 4,000/ month- Students will react Price is too high and will simply say- “I will think and tell you” (here’s the secret, they will never call you Back); or it may happen- Students find Price is too low- “Will he/she be able to deliver the quality” or they will say “Would like to start”.

In this case, teacher will discover at later stage, that I have quoted too less and its becoming painful to meet students expectation”. Confused!!! we are also confused. Have you ever faced with this situations?? Share with us!

We may not be right, but over the years, what we have observed and experienced, we are simply sharing our thoughts.

Just do few of the homework and I guess, most of the time, you will be right:-

  1. tutor-tips-tuition-feeAsk Friends, Family members, neighbors how much fee they are paying or willing to pay for this kind of tuition??
  2. How much effort i.e. time and resources, you will be putting in for this assignment??
  3. What is the Opportunity Cost? That is if you are not taking this tuition assignment, what you would have done in this spare time.

I guess, if you have answered this questions, you will probably get the answer, What Price to Quote?? (We cannot tell you!!!!)

We would like to hear from your side, about your perspectives, experiences and we are confident that each Teacher must have faced this questions; and even experienced and veterans teachers, still face this question with every new tuition?? Aren’t you?


How do I Choose a Tutor: Some Basic Tips for Students

Tips for Students

Education today has undergone a revolution and if you want to stand tall in academics, it is today your responsibility to ensure you get the right guidance.  Here are a general set of guidelines that can help you find a coach to shoot that winning goal:-

tips-for-studentsAssessing your fundamental requirement is definitely the first step. All students have a different level of understanding and it is imperative that you find out what that is before setting about looking for a tutor.

This does not need to be obvious choices like whether tuitions are required for mainstream subjects like Math, Chemistry or English but a more detailed knowledge of what area under that subject requires more attention.

For example, if you find classroom lectures boring you might want to look for an audio-visual option or a teacher who gives practical demonstrations.

The next step would obviously be the actual hunt. There are various ways of doing this. You can ask friends, talk to the school, or the more viable and convenient option these days, look for websites specializing in providing tutoring services. E-commerce websites like My Trusted Tutor will help you find the right match within seconds and with zero hassle.

tips-for-studentsBudgeting is something no Indian needs to be reminded. Thus, while it is important for you to find that perfect tutor for yourself, financial feasibility is an important issue. Websites offering tutoring services come of aid here as well. With so many options to choose from, you can easily do a comparative study and choose the best.

Other than obvious points like selecting tutors specializing in the required subject which is a must, credibility is an important factor. All good students are not necessarily good teachers and even though your tutor’s college/university mark sheets may impress you, it might not benefit you much as a student. Thus it is generally a good option to zero in on an experienced teacher. Someone who is trained in teaching, which, in contemporary times, has become a common feature, would also make the cut.

tips-for-studentsReferences from other students and their parents must be sought as a last checking point.

Nothing would be better than consulting ex-students on their experience with the tutor as first hand experiences are kind of like ratings which will narrow down the search even more for you.

You may find one or two dissenting opinions but they will majorly be the same.

Mentioned in an earlier point, E-commerce websites is our last important point.

The digital age is kind of woven into our daily lives today and the contemporary student will probably think of this as the first option instead of the last. MyTrustedTutor.com is a website that will help find tutors, is a one stop solution to all tutor related queries and give a comprehensive analysis of everything related to the field without any inconvenience. You can also choose from a number of options like area wise categorizing of teachers, online classes, resource material, etc.

Pratyasha Ghosh